Creative Writing in Singapore: 4 Things You’re Doing Incorrectly

July 11, 2018

Excelling in creative writing can be a challenging task – after all, it is not something you can study for and grades can be very subjective.

As schools introduce more creative writing into the curriculum, it is only natural that parents start drilling their children to help improve their writing. However, the usual methods of studying math or science cannot be applied to a subject like creative writing.

Here are some things you may be doing wrong and other methods that might be more effective.

Memorising model compositions or paragraphs

Some parents feel that they can prepare their kids for essay writing by having them memorise creative phrases and paragraphs. Mostly, these paragraphs are introductions or conclusions which parents hope will give their child’s essay a boost.

However, memorising chunks of words would hinder the flow of words as kids try to fit the paragraph in even if it does not fit. It also stunts the child’s creativity and they might be unable to think beyond what they have remembered.

This defeats the very purpose of “creative” writing. Instead, parents can have their children read more – books, essays, texts – which will broaden their child’s imagination.

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Practising only one type of writing style

Most children would be unwilling to venture out of their comfort zone when writing – they usually stick to a similar plot and use similar characters. Usually, parents would stick to improving that one method of writing. However, sticking to the status quo means students would be unable to think on their feet when presented with a different topic.

Instead of working on the same type of essay, parents can carry out some creative writing exercises with their kids. You could brainstorm a variety of topics and practice writing different genres.

This video features some handy tips to help students with their creative writing essays:

Thinking grammar is unimportant for creative writing in Singapore

Parents usually concentrate on the actual writing and coming up with ideas that they neglect the basics. However, without a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary, children would find it tough to express their ideas.

One way to help their command in English is to send them for a good creative writing class in Singapore. Programmes like the MindChamps Reading and Writing can brush up their grammar and vocabulary, doing so through exciting activities. The lessons would provide the structure needed for kids to write more clearly.

Jumping straight into writing  

Most children also start writing right after reading the question. However, planning is key to writing a good essay. It helps the budding writers stay on track and not be too carried away in subplots.

Planning also enables kids to brainstorm ideas at the beginning and not feel too intimidated by the number of words they have to write. At creative writing classes in Singapore like those at MindChamps, teachers would coach kids through the craft of writing. Other than planning, they will learn tactics like editing and proofreading.

However, the most important thing when helping your kids with creative writing in Singapore is to nurture their love and passion for writing. When they love the process, they will naturally have more enthusiasm for their work.

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Written by Steffi Wee


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