5 Essential Skills Your Kid Will Learn in a Creative Writing Programme in Singapore

February 28, 2018

Creative writing programmes are a good way to expose your child to different ways of writing and to build their interest.

Writing is a valuable skill that requires practice, so children can definitely benefit from such workshops.

But other than an improvement in their writing, here are some more essential skills they will pick up in a creative writing programme in Singapore.

They help to brush up basic grammar and vocabulary

Schools usually focus on the bigger picture and students are usually left to brush up their grammar and vocabulary by themselves. However, it can be very repetitive and tedious so children usually neglect those areas.

Creative writing classes in Singapore are smaller and spend much more time on writing, so children would have stronger basics. Having a good foundation is vital, as making simple mistakes would affect their quality of writing.

Creative writing programmes in Singapore help with creativity

Unlike lessons in school which are to-the-book, creative writing classes in Singapore are usually much more fun and focus more on exploring their creative side than any fixed template.

Children are encouraged to think out the box and give ideas that might be seen as “bizarre” in school. Using interactive techniques and different mediums, children will learn actively and be more confident. Different modes of learning also help to improve memory retention and encourage them to participate more in class.

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Children will discover a thing or two about themselves

Creative writing exposes children to many different types of works, so they are bound to find something that interests them.

Children will also be asked to tap into their own experiences and talk about their lives to a personal touch into their essays. Through such exploration, they will also go on a journey of self-discovery. Some might also discover that writing is their path and be inspired to do more after these writing courses.

They will learn how to handle critique better

Most creative writing workshops in Singapore have an element of presentation, followed by a critique session from their peers.

Most children cannot handle anything bad said to them – however impersonal – so these classes will help them get used to it. Once they realise these suggestions are meant to help them, they will be more accepting and recognise their flaws.

Handling critique is an important life skill which they will use throughout their lives, so early exposure is the best.

Improving their reading skills

Other than actually writing, the other way one can improve is through reading good works. Creative writing classes emphasise the importance of reading and most even have a list of must-read books.

Children will also be exposed to a wide variety of books, even challenging ones, which they will come to enjoy after explanation in class. They will also be given tips on how to search for information quickly and improve their comprehension skills, which will aid them in becoming a better reader.

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As a whole, creative writing classes provide students with more than just an improvement in writing skills. It gives them a space to explore their creative sides, make new friends and be more confident.


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