4 Reasons to Enrol Your Kids in Writing Progammes in Singapore

January 18, 2018

What is the practical use of creative writing?

For parents who may not be familiar with the education system, the purpose of creative writing in Singapore can be hard to grasp – other than it being a requirement to pass the Composition component in PSLE English.

Adding onto their confoundment is that in Singapore, most of the academic enrichment classes teach traditional subjects, so parents know what to expect.

A math enrichment class is supposed to improve problem-solving and math exam results. A Mandarin enrichment class is supposed to teach reading, writing, and han yu pin yin. Yet when it comes to creative writing in Singapore, the expectations and real-life benefits might not seem as readily clear.

In fact, creative writing for kids has wide-ranging advantages.

Here are five reasons to enrol your child for creative writing programmes in Singapore:

 1. Creative writing in Singapore improves kids’ English results in school

Writing an expository essay is straightforward enough, but what about the secret behind writing a captivating story?

The task to “write a story” might seem simple – but to do it well, one needs to be proficient in several writing techniques, such as plot development, characterisation, and varied sentence structure. In a creative writing enrichment class, your child will be taught these storytelling skills, which are easily transferable to other forms and genres of writing for school or future work – be it for a research paper or a school report, a business letter or an ad.

The goal of any writing is for it to capture the reader’s attention. A creative writing class will build upon all the basics of writing to improve your child’s English results in school. Going beyond that, your child may emerge a more eloquent and well-rounded writer than before.

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 2. Creative writing is the perfect enrichment class to inspire your child’s creativity.

 Why is there a growing emphasis on creative writing in Singapore? The value of creativity cannot be understated in the modern and future world, especially with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the likelihood of robots taking over many of our children’s future jobs. The ability to think creatively is more advantageous than ever, and can set your child apart. That said, what can boost your child’s creativity is, well, creative writing.

Research in neuroscience has shown that “creativity does not involve a single brain region or a single side of the brain.” Instead, the creative process engages the whole brain, drawing from an interplay of various brain regions and emotions. So, the next time you wonder if your child is willing the time away writing a story “for fun,” remember that this exercise is strengthening his or her cognitive development.

Imagination broadens children’s thought processes, increasing their abilities to analyse, come up with alternative solutions, and problem solve – all of which are essential skills to succeed. Creative writing classes can empower children to embrace their uniqueness and harness their creativity.

3. Creative writing in Singapore can boost kids’ self-expression and self-confidence.

Creative writing not only boosts cognitive development but emotional development as well.

Many children have a tough time expressing how they feel. Creative writing gives them an opportunity to understand and make sense of the world around them, as well as the world within them.

Your children will have a safe way to explore their thoughts and emotions, assert their opinions, and develop their individual voice – all of which ultimately strengthen their self-confidence.

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4. Kids will learn how to write better when they associate joy with writing.

Creative writing for kids should begin with a love for language, and associating joy with writing. Children will learn it willingly if they enjoy it. Choose an enrichment class in Singapore that combines fun with learning, focusing on the understanding and creative aspects of writing rather than forcing mechanical “drill and kill” strategies that make writing stressful and boring for kids.

Through an experiential and imaginative approach to fun topics, the MindChamps Writing Programme teaches children grammar structures, vocabulary, written expression and creative thinking while conquering the MOE curriculum. When children learn the craft of writing early, they get an early start to succeeding in life.

Want to know how well your child is writing, and how the MindChamps Writing Programme can help?

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