5 Reasons Why Drama Classes for Kids are Beneficial

September 6, 2018

Preschools in Singapore tend to offer enrichment classes on top of their standard curriculum, and speech and drama is usually one of such classes. Drama classes provide immense psychological and social benefits.

Some of these positive outcomes include an increased understanding of themselves in connection to the world, boosted creativity, fostered connectedness and collaboration, among others.

Read on to find out how kids can benefit from attending drama classes from a young age.

1. At a drama class for kids, there is no pressure

A drama class for kids, like Actors Centre Kids by MindChamps or Champion Mindset Theatre is not an academically based course and has no examinable components. Rather, it has a holistic and organic approach focused on immersive skills building. At the end of each term, there is a short performance put up by the children. As there are no exams to study for, children can attend classes without feeling stressed.

Actors Centre Kids has a curriculum which is based on 30 years worth of work by Actors Centre Australia’s Founding Director and CEO Dean Carey. Confidence, creativity and collaboration are the three ‘C’s that the activities are planned around.


2. A drama class for kids gives them an advantage in school

Drama instructors teach children how to project their voice across the room without hurting their vocal cords, how to control their tone of voice, as well as the basics of pacing and volume to connect with their audience. Developed oratory skills are exactly what is needed for school presentations and group discussions. These skills serve them well throughout adulthood when they present proposals in a corporate setting.

The soft skills picked up in a drama class for kids such as improved oral communication skills, empathy, listening skills, self-discipline, timeliness and respect for deadlines, as well as creative problem solving are necessary for academic success in school.

Time-keeping is essential in speeches, debates and plays. With time management skills, your child will learn to manage his or her homework and complete it before the deadlines. The listening skills acquired through speech and drama classes help your child tune in on the keywords and core concepts explained in class.


3. Kids build up confidence through theatre

Theatre is a form of artistic expression. Standing onstage can be daunting for children. Speech and drama classes encourage all children participating, both the confident ones and those who are shy and reserved, to provide their ideas and suggestions on how to emote their roles.

As the class progresses, each activity they partake in, be it poetry, storytelling or a fun game, is aimed at giving them confidence and self-esteem.

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 4. Drama classes for kids enhance their Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Very possibly, one of the greatest and most intangible benefit of children attending speech and drama classes is enhanced Emotional Quotient. Also known as EQ, this involves the ability to read the signals of people around them and react appropriately. This, in turn, increases their capacity to handle their emotions.

Champion Mindset Theatre classes bring about the spirit of teamwork when the children work together for joint success.


5. Kids are introduced to the vibrancy of arts early in their childhood

Children attending preschools in Singapore and enrolled into Actors Centre Kids are introduced to performing arts and its various forms early in life. Performing arts is an avenue of self-expression and a gift for children to express their thoughts non-verbally.

Actors Centre Kids and Champion Mindset Theatre Enrichment Programme are places for your child to pick up an appreciation for the arts and opens up a world of benefits that will give them an edge both in school and in life.

Written by Jamie Koh



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