Guess Who Dropped By to Celebrate National Day at our Preschool @ Concorde?

September 6, 2018

To celebrate the joy of our nation’s independence and harmony, a celebrity guest was invited to MindChamps PreSchool @ Concorde.

Our special guest was none other than Mr Edmund Chen, former Mediacorp artist and actor, who is also a children’s book editor and illustrator.

An arts-themed lesson on compassion

Edmund is a record holder for creating the world’s longest drawing by an individual. In 2013, he single-handedly completed a drawing which stretched to 601.255 metres long at ITE College East.

In conjunction with the 2018 National Day celebrations, Edmund worked on a project together with special needs children from the Pathlight School to design pledge cards in an engagement initiative called “Our Pledge to Singapore”.

Featuring scenes of Singapore’s past, present and future, the pledge cards were a showcase of the children’s artistic talents and what being Singaporean means to them. The initiative was aimed at encouraging Singaporeans to reflect upon and articulate their commitment to the nation by writing their pledge on the cards and posting them on social media.

As part of the National Day celebrations in MindChamps PreSchool @ Concorde, Edmund was invited to share his passion and engagement in the arts. Through his sharing, Champs and their families were inspired to appreciate these works of art and embrace the value of “I focus on the Beauty in Other” as they learnt to appreciate the works and achievements of others and take in the simple pleasures in the world that we live in.

A pledge of love

During the celebration in the preschool, Edmund shared the pledge cards with all our Champion families and got them to create a personalised artwork which will then be joined together to form a wall mural.

Through this activity, Champs and their families were encouraged to showcase their creativity and were reminded to be grateful as we look back at the growth and development of our Little Red Dot through the remarkable 53 years of nation-building.

Towards the end of the celebration, our centre director, Mr Raiyan, presented every family with a set of the original pledge cards autographed by Edmund.

This was followed with the singing of some national songs, the recital of the national anthem and pledge, as well as sharing some light snacks.



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