Hack: Enrolling Your Child in a Childcare Downtown

September 10, 2018

Choosing a childcare is a big enough decision in itself, with a whole checklist of factors to consider. Not only that, you also have to get your child ready for this major milestone. Suffice to say that when a child starts school, it’s a huge transition for the entire family.

So, how to simplify things? One hack to consider is enrolling your child in a childcare downtown.

Childcare downtown is the answer to working parents’ dilemma

Located in the heart of the CBD, one of the draws of MindChamps @ One Raffles Place is its proximity to work. Logistically, a childcare downtown makes pick-up and drop-off easier, as you can do that before and after work. This convenience makes a big difference.

Not only does this minimise travelling time and costs, but your commute together serves as a special parent-child “bonding time.” It’s a win-win: The morning ride with you could quell any nerves your kiddo has going into school, while the promise of the ride home together is something to look forward to – for both of you.

Should an emergency arise at school, you can be there in a jiffy. Forget about being stranded in traffic when your kid’s childcare centre is just a short walk away. That assurance alone could take a load of worry off your plate.

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How a childcare downtown could benefit your child

When you are a working parent in Singapore, there are a few childcare options to consider, including choosing a childcare centre close to home or work, or letting your in-laws and/or a trusted caretaker look after your kid. This personal choice boils down to your own family’s needs and circumstances, as well as what you think is best for your child.

Judging from an education standpoint, a quality childcare with a research-backed curriculum could provide abundant learning and socialisation opportunities for your little one.

If you do decide to enrol your child in a childcare downtown, keep an open mind as you shortlist the options. A bilingual immersion programme such as MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street immerses children in a consistent, encompassing Chinese-speaking environment. Equipped with a strong foundation in Mandarin, your child can get a head start to their primary years.

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Is opting for a childcare downtown really the best choice?

In summary, enrolling your child in a preschool with an effective bilingual immersion programme in the heart of the CBD means two things:

1) Your child will be in a school that nurtures strong Mandarin skills and a love for Chinese.

2) Your child will be closer to your workplace.

These two points address the common worries that many Singaporean parents face – so essentially, a childcare downtown with a good Chinese programme “kills two birds with one stone.”

Written by Jenny Tai

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