MindChamps PreSchool @
One Raffles Place

1 Raffles Place, Tower 1, #06-00, Singapore 048616

The Newest Child Care Centre/ Preschool in Raffles Place!

Located next to Raffles Place MRT station, MindChamps PreSchool’s newest centre in Raffles Place, the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) spans across 10,000 square feet of learning space, and features 6,000 square feet of classrooms.

The centre in Raffles Place promises to provide the best childcare for your child in the CBD. It boasts an outdoor play area of up to 2,000 square feet that comprises a playground, an eco-garden and a child-friendly cooking area. This cooking area is dedicated to Gourmet Moments, which is an enrichment programme conducted weekly to impart knowledge and interest in good nutrition and food preparation habits in preschoolers.

Besides an expansive library that will stock a thoughtfully curated range of books, this new child care centre’s spread of facilities will also include a 120,000-square-foot rooftop garden that will host a wide variety of plants, for the educational benefit of the young Champs.

There are many benefits of enrolling your child to MindChamps PreSchool @ One Raffles Place such as having more time with your child and peace of mind when you work. Beyond any ordinary childcare center in Raffles Place, we undoubtedly stand out because of our curriculum and unique facilities.

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Make an appointment with us to tour the centre!

Make an appointment with us to tour the centre!

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