5 Family Bonding Activities for an Unforgettable Countdown to 2021

December 26, 2020

You might have been looking forward to this. And it’s finally happening. The year is coming to an end, and the countdown to 2021 is a chance for some family bonding activities that will make precious, lasting memories.

As the world continues to try and make sense of 2020, you can still find meaningful and fun ways to finish the year on a high with your loved ones.

One way to see it, is that New Year’s Eve isn’t just another ordinary night, but a great opportunity to mark your milestones, find the silver linings and look ahead to the coming year.

Here are some ideas of family bonding activities for your countdown to 2021 in Singapore!

Make Your New Year’s Eve Countdown Count


1. Seek out the best places to watch fireworks together


countdown to 2021 best places to watch fireworks


You can breathe now.

You don’t have to be in town elbowing your way for the best views of the Marina Bay fireworks this year. To prevent large gatherings, fireworks are off the agenda for the New Year’s Eve countdown at Marina Bay. Instead, the fireworks will be going off at 11 heartland locations right in your neighbourhood!

So, turn this into a family bonding activity as you cosy up at home, look out your window and get ready for those cathartic bursts of colour in the sky. If you’re seeking the best place to watch fireworks, you can always head closer to one of the locations for a clearer view or catch it on TV!


2. Mark midnight with a dance and a din


countdown to 2021 family bonding activities dancing

At the stroke of 12 (if your kids are old enough to stay up), smash the play button on your stereo (or Spotify) and let your hair down!

Jump, cheer, shout, dance — this is one family bonding activity that is an excuse for you to get in touch with your inner child and lead your kids on a wild countdown party. Children are a well of creative energy and unleashing the performer in them does wonders for their development. Show them that Daddy and Mummy are not afraid to have fun and let loose too!

Don’t forget to prepare poppers or sparklers (watch out for safety) and just stir up a racket!


3. Make an “I’m proud of you for _____” list


countdown to 2021 make a list

“I’m proud of you.”

These magic words carry a lot of power in enabling a child. Saying it does wonders for your child’s confidence and development, and assures your little one that you love them.

Parents generally don’t say this as much as they should. Why not use this opportunity to conclude the year with a list of reasons of what you’re proud of your child for in 2020?

Here are a few ideas to help you get your list started:
“I’m proud of you for keeping your toys on your own.”
“Mummy is proud of you for helping to fold the laundry.”
“It makes me so proud of you when you share your biscuits with your sister.”

There’s always something about your child for you to be proud of. And it doesn’t have to be big. The little things are worth celebrating your child for as well!

Make this family bonding activity even more powerful — read it aloud to your child. You’ll make your child’s day (or year) and give him/her a confidence boost ahead of the coming year.


4. Pen down your hopes for 2021 as a family


countdown to 2021 family bonding activities

Being able to look ahead is a life skill you’ll want your child to pick up. Take this chance to gently guide your child in articulating his/her hopes and thoughts for the coming year.

You can make some suggestions to help him/her along.

  • Is there a toy they wish they could have?
  • Would they like to visit Grandma more?
  • What is something nice they would like to do for someone?

Making this list together will help your young one get better in touch with his/her thoughts and feelings. Validate their feelings. Listen to their fears. Let them feel heard, and assure them. Doing this also helps you understand your child more. Be sure to write your own hopes too!


5. Go to bed early


countdown to 2021 sleeping early

What? On New Year’s Eve?!

That’s right. You know best what makes your family tick. Sometimes it’s better to check off a good night’s sleep so you don’t start the new year groaning in bed with dark eye rings.

Instead, you can spend the first day of 2021 doing things that will create wonderful, lasting memories.

Cycle. At the beach.
Take a morning walk together.
Go prawning.
Bake muffins or cookies as a family.

Find an activity that your family would love doing together. Whatever you decide to do, it’ll be the start of a brand new year, full of new possibilities. So look ahead and start it right!

family bonding activities at the beach

We hope these family bonding activity ideas will help you plan a countdown that’ll be a meaningful conclusion to the year as you say goodbye 2020, hello 2021.

Appreciating loved ones, looking on the bright side and working through challenges are just some attributes we believe in and nurture our children holistically with to set them up to become Champions in life.

If that’s something you value in your child’s development, why not find out how we do it here?

Got any other ideas for your countdown to 2021? Drop us a PM or comment on Facebook!


Written by Ryan Wee