4 Reasons Why This Newest Kindergarten in Bukit Timah Provides the Best Childcare in the Area

April 4, 2018

Although MindChamps PreSchool @ Raffles Town Club (RTC) has only been opened for around two months at the time of writing, they are already a contender to become one of the best kindergartens in Bukit Timah.

With a strong belief in nurturing preschoolers to become self-confident, respectful and fearless, they are all set to achieve this through a specially cultivated environment.

Here are some reasons why their kindergarten is top-notch.

Engaging workshops for everyone

kidnergarten bukit timah
Book reading session at MindChamps PreSchool @ Raffles Town Club

Despite their relatively short time open, they have already held a Children’s Book Reading Session and Music Appreciation Workshop, with more to come.

The reading session which attracted over 50 families featured book author and illustrator Fleur Vella-Chang and Manager of MindChamps Reading & Writing Diana Thomas. Children were encouraged to colour and use simple shapes to understand the book better, exposing them to imaginative play.

Meanwhile, the music appreciation workshop helped preschoolers get a grasp on pitch and rhythm. Parents were also coached on music in preschool education with the help of esteemed violinist Christina Zhou and pianist Chua Tung Khng.

These events bring kids and parents together and expose the Champs to different ways of learning from a young age.

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This kindergarten at Bukit Timah provides an integrated bilingual environment

kindergarten bukit timah
The cosy K2 classroom at the Bukit Timah childcare centre.

The centre director of the Bukit Timah childcare, June Sun, explained that the curriculum runs on an intentional dual language approach, incorporating techniques that stimulate English and Chinese literacy skills.

Language teachers complement each other by providing different learning zones like construction play, dramatic play, arts and crafts and numeracy. Moreover, the centre ensures that the environment itself is bilingual by ensuring that their learning labels are in both languages.

Children are naturally curious, so the environment should be thoughtfully designed to develop their love for language, cognitive and course literacy.

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The Champs have access to special facilities

kindergarten bukit timah
Champs and teachers have access to the pool and water slides at Raffles Town Club.

This kindergarten at Bukit Timah also has a close partnership with RTC and has access to their facilities such as the tennis courts and swimming pool to conduct tennis and swimming lessons for the Champs.

Apart from their weekly water play at the waddling pool and slides, there is also ample space for them to play games and run around on the tennis courts. Outdoor play sessions such as this help to build a love for physical activity and allows the children to express their interests in other forms.

This childcare at Bukit Timah can also use RTC’s movie theatre and bowling alley, so Champs and their families can look forward to movie nights and bowling competitions organised by the centre.

Teachers that engage with both students and parents

Champs are also encouraged by teachers to be inquisitive and ask questions. Teachers facilitate discussions while helping them understand how to respect differing opinions.

The centre also places a great emphasis on trust between the teachers, students and their parents. Teachers send updates on their lessons and the well-being of the Champs to parents daily and through the MindChamps app. In the months ahead, they will be organising many activities which include the parents, such as Sport’s Day and Racial Harmony.

Indeed, at MindChamps PreSchool @ Raffles Town Club, Champs are not only given a solid academic foundation, they also enjoy a well-rounded education that ensures they have fun while learning.

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