Primary School Survival Guide: Homework & Revision Without Tuition

April 4, 2018

Are you a parent who isn’t for the idea of enrolling your child in primary school tuition? Here’s a survival guide on how your child can manage his/ her own homework and revision independently. 

It is already past bedtime.

Instead of enjoying time reading or watching television together, you find yourself bound to the desk with your primary school kid because you need to make sure that he finishes his homework.

It is a struggle every evening and it always ends up with a lot of tears and yelling. You find yourself at wit’s end. Finally, out of exasperation, you resort to tuition centers so that homework gets done in time.

If this is you, we happily here is our ultimate Primary School Survival Guide to Homework & Revision Without Tuition.

Motivation Sans Primary School Tuition

According to the American Psychological Association, there are two types of motivation – intrinsic and extrinsic.

This means that a child who is intrinsically motivated may find doing homework both enjoyable and rewarding while the extrinsically motivated kid may just be completing the homework to earn a reward or avoid punishment.

However, one must note that not all homework tasks are entirely enjoyable.

It is then important that you help your child develop intrinsic motivation and a sense of responsibility to study and do homework by using extrinsic motivation to get them there developmentally.


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Set up a schedule after school

Instead of bogging your primary school child with more tuition after school, sit down with your child to come up with a schedule for what he should do after school.

Allow him to have autonomy over the schedule.

Children are more likely to adhere to the routines that they have decided on than something that is given to them. Ensure that there is time for homework, revision as well as breaks for playtime and spending time outdoors.

For children who struggle with attention and sitting for long stretches, break up the homework tasks into chunks and have them take regular breaks. This might help them achieve their homework or study goals better.

In the initial stages of implementing an after-school schedule, you may consider forms of extrinsic motivation such as coming up with a reward chart to celebrate your child’s efforts in completing the day’s tasks.

However, instead of giving presents, consider giving him time on the iPad or a chance to complete a fun activity such as going to the park to cycle or a trip to an indoor playground.

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Praise your child

Praise is the best form of extrinsic motivation that will help your child develop the intrinsic motivation to study and do homework.

However, make sure that you are praising correctly, as this might backfire on you.

According to WebMD, always praise your child for their hard work and effort and not for their inherent talents. Focus on the process and not the product.

For example, if your child has spent a considerable amount of time on a math worksheet, instead of saying that all the sums were correct or that he is clever, focus on the specific skills that he used to work out the problems.

Say, “I really liked how you analysed each problem carefully” or “Good job for following the problem-solving steps closely to accomplish your goal.”

Genuine praise that is not overdone or contrived can enable your child to feel more intrinsically motivated. This, in turn, can empower them to take charge of their own learning.

Extend learning outside of homework

While you have no control of what homework is given to your child, you can embark on different fun extension activities that involve the real-life applications of what is learnt in school.

Often, we hear children complain about how tedious it is to learn something that they think they will not use in a real-life setting.

Spend time with your child to show them how these skills are vital and can be fun to use.

For example, show your child how the multiplication of decimals is useful when working with money. Take them to the supermarket and have them work with a given amount of money to buy the week’s groceries.

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There is an amazing number of fun activities that you can carry out with your child based on the different things that they learn in school.

Just a quick search on Pinterest will generate a wealth of free enrichment activities.

Take advantage of the number of learning engagements that are provided online than have your child attend primary school tuition.

Have your child take ownership of his own homework and learning

Remember, you are trying to intrinsically motivate your child to complete his homework.

Have him understand the consequences of what happens when his homework is not turned in.

When the need arises, your child should be able to face the music when he does not complete what is required of him. This will enable him to understand that he is solely responsible for finishing his homework.

Help your child self-regulate instead of giving primary school tuition

Know that your primary school kid is capable of doing homework and study without tuition. So, do try out these tips to help your child self-regulate and become a more successful student.


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