Best After-school Activities in Yishun for Your Kindergarten Child 

September 19, 2017

Your child has enjoyed an eventful day in his kindergarten in Yishun. But after school, what are the best activities in the area to do together that would keep your child happy and entertained? After all, the day is not over yet.

Here are nearby places to go in Yishun that are convenient and perfect for after-school family bonding fun.

1. Orto Park for after-school fun that’s nearby

kindergarten in yishun
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One of the perks of attending a kindergarten in Yishun is its close proximity to Orto Park.

Ready for some energy-bursting fun after school? The Katapult indoor trampoline park is perfect for the whole family as its massive interconnected trampolines offer various activities for all ages, from dodge ball to free-fall and slum dunk to fitness classes.

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If you’re in search of a more relaxing, leisurely activity taking place in nature, enjoy Longkang Fishing with your kiddos as you experience the charming nostalgia of this old-school activity that children of yore used to do. Watch for that face-splitting grin on your child when he or she catches their first fish.

Go-karting is another adrenaline-surging activity for your mini riders. In fact, new, smaller go-karts have been added that are suitable for kids as young as 2 to 4 years, according to a representative at the Maximum Drift Karting Arena.

Ready, get set, go!

2. Seletar Reservoir for a rejuvenating walk along the water after kindergarten class

kindergarten in yishun
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Indulge in a leisurely stroll hand-in-hand with your child in the peaceful outdoors at Seletar Reservoir. Bask in the fresh air and beautiful view of the soothing blue water.

After all the learning, singing, playing, and socialising in kindergarten, a moment in nature might be just what your child needs.

Don’t forget to pack a simple picnic to enjoy while you’re there.

3. Junction 9 for animal rides and yummy bites as an after-school activity

kindergarten in yishun
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After kindergarten class, take your kids to Junction 9 for some fun and a wide variety of delicious foods. Animal rides, sand play, balloons, and creative arts and crafts activities for kids are available at Fun Kidz.

Is your kid hungry after an active day in kindergarten? Pop in Fartz Tartz Cafe, a cosy garden-themed, family-friendly place serving healthy light bites, pastas, grilled flatbread burgers, and delectable desserts that come in cute little jars.

Treat your little one to a Nutella Oreo Flower-Potted “Mud” Tart and watch their eyes widen in surprise at the sight of a dessert that looks exactly like a potted flower! Other kid-friendly eateries include Gao Peng Cuisine for yummy dim sum and Kampung for flavourful meal sets.

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4. Some fresh air at Yishun Park playground

kindergarten in yishun

Another highlight of attending kindergarten in Yishun is how close it is to Yishun Park, an inviting and kid-friendly spot surrounded by tropical fruit trees and lush foliage. Best of all, it boasts delightful playgrounds that are sure to entertain your little ones for a long time.

Watch how much fun they have as they whoosh down the slides, climb up spiral bars and mini slopes, tackle the rope obstacle course, and teeter on seesaws. Not only is Yishun Park home to a well shaded playground, it also boasts a Dipterocarp Arboretum, an enchanting family of rainforest trees with various fascinating species of trees including the Tembusu.

All this makes Yishun Park a nature-filled adventure wonderland for kids and parents alike.


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