How to Give Your Child An Unforgettable Children’s Day Gift This Year 

September 8, 2017

Children’s Day in Singapore is an opportunity for parents to show their children how proud they are of them.

Rather than adding another toy to their collection, you could be more intentional about your Children’s Day gift by focusing on unforgettable experiences that reassure them of your love.

Now more than ever, there is a need to remind your little ones that no matter what they do, they will always have someone who will be proud of them.

Here are a few Children’s Day gift ideas in Singapore that reflect that message.

Watch a live performance

While you could always catch a movie in the theatre, take it one step further by letting your little thespian-in-the-making witness a live performance where actors sing and dance right before their eyes.

With a multitude of children’s entertainment to choose from, a spellbinding family musical or play is a truly memorable Children’s Day gift idea in Singapore that inspires an early appreciation for drama and music.

If your kid loves dressing up, let him or her pick a fancy outfit to watch the performance in; it will make the experience feel all the more novel.

At the end of the performance, you could tell your child how proud you are of their each and every “performance,” and that even when they are pretend-playing at home, singing for fun, or practising an instrument, it all brings joy and pride to your heart.

Create a photobook, scrapbook or picture story

These days, most pictures are viewed on a screen, but nothing matches the glee of holding actual physical photographs. Give your kid an unforgettable Children’s Day gift by creating a personalised book of their photos to make them feel like the star and hero of their own story.

Their little hands will be eager to flip through the pages and relive past fun experiences.

Choose a title for the book, such as “The Story of [Your Child’s Name]” to make it extra special. Here are a few options for this heartwarming Children’s Day gift idea:

  • A photo album or custom photobook, which you could either DIY or have professionally printed and bound
  • A scrapbook in which you can include little mementoes such as ticket stubs or their drawings
  • A personalised picture story where photos are arranged either:
    • Chronologically (e.g. “Once upon a time, a little boy/girl named ____ was born…”) or
    • Thematically, such as “Moments When I Am Proud Of You” (e.g. The first time you fed yourself, your first day of school, the first time you swam, etc.)

Attend a children’s festival

Embark on a family outing to a children’s festival for a fun-filled learning adventure. For children, little else beats the thrill of playing alongside their parents.

Whether it’s participating in a bubble-ology workshop, live pony rides, family golf, or Singapore’s longest indoor inflatable obstacle course, both you and your kids will be so entertained, neither of you will realise all the learning that is actually taking place through games that are both exciting and enriching.

Packed with engaging family activities to enjoy together, the “I’m Proud of You” Champion Family Adventure in Singapore is a chance for parents to celebrate and bond with their children, and for children to learn a little more about their parents in an environment where everyone can share the challenges and the fun.

This is the chance for you to show that no matter how big or small their victories are, you are always proud of them – and isn’t that the point of Children’s Day?