Are you looking for a preschool in Marina Square? Here’s why you should consider MindChamps

August 28, 2018

Located at Marina Square, close to the Central Business District, MindChamps PreSchool @ Marina Square provides a world of ease and convenience for parents working and living nearby.

However, convenience is not the only factor which makes this childcare centre such an attractive place for children to learn and play.

Here are some top reasons why you should consider enrolling your child here.

Safe and easy access for both parent and child

The centre is located at the ground level of Marina Square, where there is a safe and convenient driveway for parents to drop off and pick up their children. Parents do not even need to park their cars.

For those taking public transport, MindChamps Marina Square is located close to three MRT stations – City Hall, Promenade and Esplanade. All three stations are within walking distance of the school and are completely sheltered. The proximity to the CBD also allows parents to pick up their children easily should any appointments or emergency arise.

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MindChamps Marina Square enjoys the use of mall facilities

Thanks to its location, the centre is also able to take advantage of Marina Square’s outdoor garden and indoor playground.

With ample sunlight and greenery, the outdoor garden gives the children a unique learning environment. Teachers at this preschool hold reading sessions, picnics and afternoon teas here so children can enjoy the great surroundings. They also have a lot of fun looking for minibeasts or collecting twigs and leaves.

On the other hand, the indoor playground on the third level of the mall provides a comfortable and mosquito-free play area for the children to run around and expend their energy regardless of the weather.

A dedicated Gourmet Kitchen and gym

One of the enrichment programmes that is included in the preschool curriculum is Gourmet Moments™, where the teachers and children get to create healthy, delicious dishes while learning about concepts related to maths and nutrition. At MindChamps Marina Square, a dedicated classroom filled with various child-appropriate kitchen essentials is made available for culinary adventures to take place.

Additionally, there is also a spacious gym filled with a variety of exercise equipment and musical instruments for the preschoolers to enjoy lessons and playtime during the day.

Fun and useful excursions

The centre also has a comprehensive outdoor excursion approach to enhance the learning of the MindChamps S.M.I.L.E.S™ curriculum. They have organised visits to the Esplanade, Singapore Zoo, River Safari, Hort Park, KidZania and more.

The children have also embarked on learning journeys to nearby places such as the supermarket and Esplanade mall to enhance the learnings of the term’s theme.  Here, they learn to identify common products, pick up new vocabulary and exercise their listening skills, as well as to learn about the unique architecture of a building and to appreciate live musical performances.

Going out on these learning journeys also allows them to learn about appropriate behaviours in public spaces.

Constantly building relationships with parents

MindChamps Marina Square realises the value of having close partnerships with parents in order to enhance the preschoolers’ learning journey.

Apart from communication through the MindChamps mobile app, teachers have frequent face-to-face catch ups with parents when they drop off their children before school or when they pick them up at the end of the day. It is through catchup sessions like this that the teachers and centre staff get the opportunity to build close relationships with the parents and get their feedback on issues that are important to them.

The centre also warmly welcomes parents to play an active role during lessons in school. This includes conducting activities such as storytelling, art and craft session or gourmet activities with the children during the school holidays. On top of that, parents are also invited to join in during selected field trips throughout the year.

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The strong curriculum, encouraging teachers and enriching excursions all come together to nurture each child into an all-rounded citizen. The preschool is invested in helping the children prepare for their next learning journey, especially as they transition to primary school. It is their hope that every child grows up to be confident individuals capable of tackling the demands of this ever-changing world.

Written by Steffi Wee


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