Fun Activities for Kids to Enjoy After Picking Them Up From Preschool in City Square Mall

August 28, 2018

(Photo: Spring Rolls Instagram)

Awarded the People’s Choice Award of Best Shopping Center (Suburbs) 2014 by AsiaOne, City Square Mall boasts a whole host of kid-centered activities, and MindChamps PreSchool is more than proud to be a part of this.

Located on the seventh floor, MindChamps @ City Square Mall offers amazing facilities for kids to learn, play and explore, such as a huge outdoor playground which comes complete with bikes, scooters, water play troughs and ‘percussion pots & pans’, as well as a mini garden.

Besides the safe and fun environment, passionate teachers are on hand to create enriching experiences for the kids. Operating under the MindChamps philosophy of 100% Respect, ZERO Fear, teachers turn mistakes into teachable moments and guide kids to receive feedback for growth.

But after all the learning is done, kids need to have some time to play and relax. Here are a few places that they can relax in after attending MindChamps @ City Square Mall.

Four levels of fun: Airzone playground

Airzone is located in between floors and spans four levels. It is the first of its kind and kids are allowed to enter as long they can support themselves and walk unaided on the nets. However, those below the age of six must be accompanied by an adult.

The first level is the ball pit – containing approximately 40,000 balls. The second level is the free play zone, where kids can bounce around the net, complete with Zorb balls. The maze is located on the third level, where you and your kids can crawl through the obstacle course. There are also slides located on each level, though the fourth level’s slide is the most exhilarating.

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Kids ‘n’ We salon for children

Going for a haircut can be a nightmare for both parent and the child but kid-friendly hair salons such as Kids ‘n’ We make it fun for everyone. They offer high-quality, personalised service catering to children in a clean environment filled with comfort and fun.

Kids are kept entertained while professional hair stylists snip away and many parents have taken their tots there for their first haircuts.

Another playground for kids attending MindChamps City Square Mall – Fun n Laughter

Fun N Laughter is an indoor playground equipped with retail, play, nursing room and party facilities so the whole family can partake in some fun. They believe in providing a location for parents to bond with their children, thus, their facilities are designed with that in mind.

Some of their facilities for toddlers include an interactive projector and an electric Tayo bus. For bigger kids, they have a two-storey play structure complete with trampolines, wave slides and games like the cannonball blasters. Parents can play with their children and create memories in this safe environment.

Inspiring creativity through art: Star Arts

Art helps young children build motor skills, develop modes of self-expression and helps with building connections on the right side of their brains.

At Star Arts, kids can participate in family-friendly art and craft activities. They can create artwork that the whole family can work together on and be proud of!

A place to bounce around: Spring Rolls Trampoline Park

If your kids still have boundless energy to spare, take them to Spring Rolls Trampoline Park. This mini trampoline park is a great place for the young ones to be active while having fun.

They provide an introduction to the sport for newcomers as well as a large area for kids to bounce around. Trampolining helps with basic motor skills as well and is a great stepping stone for kids who want to do other sports in the future, like gymnastics.

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These are just a few of the many kid-friendly areas in and around the mall. Take your time and explore the surroundings – you can also visit Little India or historical landmarks along Syed Alwi Road nearby.

Written by Steffi Wee


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