MindChampsPreSchool @ City Square Mall

Awarded by AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards 2014 as the Best Shopping Centre (Surburbs) and Top 3 – Best Family-Friendly Mall, MindChamps PreSchool @ City Square Mall is conveniently located at Level 7 with a huge outdoor playground – bikes, scooters, water play troughs, sandpits, ‘percussion pots & pans’ and a mini garden too.

Besides the clean, spacious and safe environment, our team of teachers is also passionate and dedicated in creating enriching experiences for children under their care – turning mistakes into teachable moments; understanding what it means by 0% Fear and 100% Respect; receiving Feedback as a seed for Growth.

Carefully designed curriculum based on internationally validated research and non-didactic instructional methods are also put in place by our teachers to empower our children in both creativity and structured thinking. MindChamps PreSchool @ City Square Mall offers every child the opportunity in nurturing the champion in them!

180 Kitchener Road, #07-01/05, Singapore 208539 (Farrer Park MRT)

+65 6834 4388

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“How was school today?” I ask.

My daughter will reply: “I had fun Papa.”

This is one of exchange we have with our daughter after she’s picked up from school. Our family is new to Singapore and our three-year-old daughter just started school. To hear our daughter talk about an enjoyable school experience and to see her grow in big strides every day convince us that MindChamps Preschool is an excellent environment for introducing a child to school.

We also wanted a school that can hasten our child’s acculturation to Singapore. MindChamps has a very effective Mandarin immersion programmeand the curriculum is also infused with activities to celebrate the multicultural dynamics of Singapore. We don’t speak Mandarin at home so we just revel in how our daughter just bursts into Mandarin songs or how she speaks some Mandarin words to kids in the playground – that’s just after three months in school!

The curriculum is not merely a hodgepodge of material that a child needs to learn. It boasts a well-researched curriculum for a child’s development across various dimensions: cognitive, emotional, social and physical. Our daughter is only three so we wanted a school that would equip her with academic skills through fun means. The strongest aspect of this school, to us, is their creative avenues for presenting academic material, whether it is through a combination of art, play, songs, theatre, dance, stories or cooking even. At the end of the day, our daughter’s thirst for learning just comes naturally – and this quality is something not a lot of schools can impart.

We believe that a child’s first school experience should instigate life-long passion for learning, and MindChamps has so far been successful in laying the groundwork for that.

Another great element of the school is the sense of community conveyed by the teachers and school staff. The school has a feel of being like a second home where even teachers of other classrooms look after your child (e.g. all the teachers know my daughter’s name and greet her every morning).

Finally, the school has an excellent means of updating parents about what transpires in the classroom. At the end of the week, we receive an update of activities in the classroom, complete with pictures of our daughter – how great is that! It gives us a feel of actually being there with our child during the week. The weekly update is also a great springboard for making connections between activities in school and at home. For these various reasons and more, we highly recommend MindChamps as an excellent place for commencing a child’s school years.

Ritchie and Chad Parents of Sophia

Thank you for making MindChamps a ‘home away from home’ for our son Christian. The fact that he enjoys going to school day after day is due in no small part to all the teachers and staff who make the place a secure, happy and enriching one for the children.

We are also thrilled with Christian’s vast improvement in spoken Mandarin. It was of some worry to us that he was resisting the language all through his 2 years of nursery school prior to MindChamps, so you can imagine how happy we were when he started speaking and responding to Mandarin after only a couple of months at MindChamps! Most importantly, we’d like Christian to develop a good attitude and strong interest in learning, and to be undaunted in the face of both academic and social challenges when he goes to primary school. We are confident that he will achieve this with your love and nurturing, so a big thank you once again for being the excellent and dedicated professionals that you are!

Sharon & Carl Pillay Parents of Christian

We decided to send Chris to a pre-school when he was 20 months old, so that he could socialise with others. After comparing physical aspects with another pre-school, we chose MindChamps @ City Square Mall because it is close to our home and has good teacher-to-student ratio; furthermore, its classrooms are clean, spacious and brightly lit. The teachers and other staff treat Chris with tender care and always with friendly smiles on their faces. It has only been three months and Chris has since turned out to be more independent. He really loves going to school every morning.

Thank you MindChamps for giving happy times to our son!

Agnes & Markus Würsch Parents of Christopher

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