Parents Share Why MindChamps Leisure Park Kallang is their Number One Choice of Preschool

August 14, 2018

What does it take for a preschool to become the top choice in the hearts and minds of parents?

Could it be the peace of mind it offers them, knowing that their child is in great hands as they play and learn during the day while mum and dad are at work?

Or is it the sheer joy and pride that they feel upon witnessing the progress of their children in terms of their developmental milestones and achievements?

To some, it could even be something as simple as seeing their children happy every day and hearing their stories of the things they did with their friends and teachers in school – and not forgetting how they wake up each day, all ready to begin a brand new day in preschool.

Here, some of the parents of our Champs at MindChamps PreSchool @ Leisure Park Kallang share their happy moments with the preschool and the many reasons that affirm their decision to entrust their kids in our good hands.

“It all boils down to the love and care of the teachers and staff”

mindchamps kallang

“Sky was transferred from another MindChamps PreSchool centre when my office moved, and MindChamps remains my top choice when my second son, Seth, was ready for preschool.

“I can see the genuine love and care that the teachers and the centre’s staff have for Seth. This gives me great relief knowing that my little boy is in great loving hands. We went through over 3 wonderful years of having Sky in MindChamps. The frequent communication with the teachers and management through various platforms puts my mind at ease when it comes to Sky’s and Seth’s learning and development in school.

“The programme offers an all-rounded learning experience to preschoolers and this is enhanced through termly excursions. Sky could vividly illustrate his learnings and observations through art and craft, thanks to the conscientious and patient guidance from the teachers. We sincerely thank everyone at MindChamps Leisure Park Kallang – including the Aunties, for taking care of our precious little ones – every day!”

– Parents of Sky Heng and Seth Heng

“She enjoys school and has built a positive relationship with her teachers and friends”

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“Sarah has adapted very well to school, thanks to the combined efforts of the staff and her teachers. We are very pleased with her development in the recent months and have witnessed the progress she made in terms of independence, confidence and Chinese language proficiency. Like many children, she had her reservations about the language but now, she voluntarily uses Chinese words in her conversations. Most importantly, she enjoys her time in school and has built a positive relationship with all her teachers and friends.”

– Parents of Sarah Kayla Tan

“My children have gained the confidence to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them”

mindchamps kallang

“As with the old African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”, MindChamps has been the “village” that shaped Samuel and Rachel during their formative years.

“The academic foundation at MindChamps has prepared my son well – not just with a smooth transition to primary school, but also in tackling new challenges and learning more complex concepts at school.

“With my daughter, through the close involvement of the teachers in her learning journey, she has grown to be more independent and picked up skills such as reading and math, as well as developed an appreciation for nature, art, play and mindfulness, all at a tender age.

“The teachers at MindChamps are attentive and caring, and they nurture a love for learning. With a well-balanced learning environment, my children have gained the skills and confidence to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them.

“Thank you MindChamps for helping to give my children a great head start in their education and in life!”

– Parents of Samuel Ambrose Lau & Rachel Anna Lau

“A nurturing environment where children can learn and explore through play”

mindchamps kallang

“Words cannot express our gratitude towards the teachers and staff at MindChamps PreSchool who have been a part of our family for 3 years and counting. Our children have learnt so much and continue to share with us the activities that they did at “school”. Their social skills improved, and they have become more confident and independent each day. They developed a rich vocabulary and are progressing well in phonological awareness, Chinese and numeracy concepts.

“MindChamps PreSchool provides a wonderful, supportive and nurturing environment where children can learn and explore through play. Our elder son, Jace, has benefitted from his preschool years at MindChamps – with all the skills that he has gained, he is now a confident child in primary one. We truly enjoyed our MindChamps PreSchool experience and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a warm and welcoming preschool.”

– Parents of Jace and Taye Ean Soh

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“My children have learnt so much and made wonderful memories at MindChamps”

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“MindChamps has provided a nurturing and conducive environment for our children to learn and develop the fundamentals of early childhood education.

“The school community is warm and welcoming which is reflected in my kids when they walk through the door each morning with enthusiasm and a renewed zest to begin the day. The teachers who greet us will always have a smile on their face and their unfailing concern for each child is evident.

“MindChamps focuses on values such as compassion, integrity and empathy. These values form a solid foundation in the learning journey of the early years.

“Thank you MindChamps – my children have learnt so much and have also made great friends and experienced wonderful memories which they will carry on with them in the next phase of their lives.”

– Mother of Meaghan Soon & Oliver Soon

“Thank you MindChamps for being our partner in nurturing our child during the early years”

mindchamps kallang

“One of the key reasons that made us choose MindChamps over other preschools is their focus on the ‘key roots’ of learning and development, which includes values and emotional intelligence, associative thinking, language, reading and more.

“Over the years, we have seen Jairus grow and learn with confidence. He has shown tremendous improvement in language proficiency for both Chinese and English. Now that he is in K2, we are grateful for the effort put in by his teachers to prepare him for primary school. Though it is tough for a kid to make the adjustment from fun time to academical learning, the teachers have turned this into an interesting and exciting journey.

“The constant updates on our child’s progress as well as the school-parents engagements have enabled us to be actively involved in the learning journey. This also gives us comfort in knowing that the school takes our feedback and suggestions seriously. Thus, MindChamps is not just a preschool for our son, but is also a partner in nurturing our child. It is always comforting to know that our child is growing and developing in a safe, caring, and loving environment.”

Parents of Jairus Isaac Ng Tian Le

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