5 Reasons Why More Parents in Singapore Are Placing Their Child in Infant Care

September 25, 2018

More parents in Singapore are discovering the benefits of enrolling their babies in an infant care centre in Singapore.

In fact, an additional 40,000 preschool places are expected to be added in the next five years, reflecting the rise in demand for childcare places as more parents in Singapore see the importance of a preschool education (for children aged two months to six years) for their kids’ development.

As more mothers return to work and families contend with hectic work schedules, it is not surprising that many parents look to qualified, trustworthy infant care centres to take good care of their babies in lieu of other childcare arrangements. Here are five reasons why.

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1. Motor and linguistic skills are developed in infant care

At the best infant care in Singapore, the curriculum would provide plenty of opportunities for babies to develop their gross motor skills through age-appropriate activities.

At MindChamps Infant Care, some baby exercises include tummy time and Babymooves, which is gym time tailored to our infants to develop their muscles (yes, they have muscles too, not just rolls!).

MindChamps educarers are trained professionals who engage babies with activities such as Baby Swing or Rock-a-bye on a daily and individual basis. Through singing and storytelling sessions, babies are primed for speech and language acquisition. They may not be able to speak just yet, but they will grow familiar with words by listening to the educarers speak.

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2. Infant care in Singapore is the best option when there is no parental support at home 

Common childcare arrangements for working mothers in Singapore include: having their parents or parents-in-law assume the caregiver role, placing their infant at home with a helper, or enrolling their child in infant care. Stay-at-home and work-from-home mothers tend to have more flexibility.

A reason why more parents in Singapore are enrolling their children in infant care could be due to lack of parental support at home. Without grandparents and/or a helper to help out, an infant care centre would likely be the only choice.

However, it is worth noting that even with parental support at home, many families still opt for infant care. Parents might feel that although their babies’ basic needs are met, they still lack learning opportunities and stimulation at home. Additionally, if the caregiver is not trained in first aid, that may be cause for worry.

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3. Infant care might be the safest option they have

Jumping off of the previous point, some parents may still opt to enrol their children in infant care – even if they have helpers. It is a personal choice, but all parents want to give their children the best environment to grow up in.

A whole brain infant care programme that cultivates developmental skills through a holistic approach – set in a safe environment with highly trained, professional educarers – is an option worth exploring. It may ultimately bear more upsides than placing a baby with a helper all day.

4. Babies can be immersed in a social environment

It is good to have friends at every stage in life, including infanthood. Infant care may provide a warm, social and communicative environment, where your baby would be far from lonely. At MindChamps Infant Care, babies not only get plenty of one-on-one time with their educarer, but these little social butterflies also get to mingle with their peers.

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5. Take advantage of subsidies for infant care fees

Infant care subsidies can make infant care a more reasonable option for parents. Babies who are Singapore Citizens are entitled to significant subsidies – possibly as high as $1,140 in some cases, if the total household income is less than $7,500 – which will significantly offset the costs of infant care.

At the very least, all families with Singapore Citizen children are entitled to a basic subsidy of $600 when enrolling their kids in full-day infant care, according to the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Written by Jenny Tai


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