Let’s Go Exploring! What Our Preschoolers Learnt Through Their Forest Trek

September 25, 2018

While there are many excursions that our preschoolers in Serangoon will experience during the year, a trek into a natural forest would probably be the first for many of them. This is not surprising considering the unpredictable weather – and how venturing into the forest might be intimidating for some.

Our childcare in Serangoon was lucky to engage the team from Forest School Singapore for a recent excursion, who brought the children and teachers into the forest at Bukit Timah reserve. Forest School Singapore runs regular programmes for children where they are taken into the forest within the safe boundaries and under the watchful eyes of the coaches.

Our preschoolers were more than enthusiastic for this excursion as it allowed them to enjoy the fauna and flora of a natural forest, plus they were in for surprise when they discovered a freshwater stream during their trek.

Childcare in Serangoon
Forest School Singapore is located along Rifle Range Road.

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Introducing the forest to children might not be easy, as the ruggedness and unfamiliar sights and sounds might be intimidating for children who are familiar with the built-up, urbanised surroundings of Singapore.

With the right guidance and proper education, gradual trips to the forest encourage children to appreciate the wonders and calmness of the forest.

Childcare in Serangoon
Children can choose where they want to stop and what they want to do.

These walks might turn into a lifelong love affair with the forest which they will come to appreciate in time to come.

Building Leadership

Coaches at the Forest School allowed the children to explore and encouraged them to think of solutions during the excursion. For example, when they came across a stream, they had to decide if it was a better idea to cross the stream or to climb a ridge to get to the other side.

Childcare in Serangoon
When children are allowed to direct their own learning, whatever they learn from the experience will stay with them for life

Throughout the trip, the preschool teachers from our childcare in Serangoon played the role of observers and allowed the children to make their own decisions and help their friends along the way. Some of them were unsure about stepping into the stream but the braver ones encouraged their peers and gave them the confidence to brace their fears.

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Leaning about Biodiversity

Venturing into the forest gives the children the opportunity to come up close to the native wildlife that thrives in the forest and streams.

Serangoon childcare
Teachers are not to interfere with the children’s play unless safety is compromised.

During the trip, they saw small fishes, spider, frogs and aquatic insects waddling in the natural freshwater steam that runs quietly through the forested area. Native creatures thrive in such surroundings due to the cool environment, thanks to the forest canopy and plants growing along the stream banks.

Childcare in Serangoon
The children enjoying themselves by the stream, where they could wade in it, lie down in its shallow water or build sandcastles on the sandbed.

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Indeed, an excursion as enriching as this trek into the forest should be a part of every child’s learning journey, for it gives them the chance to explore and learn more about the natural world and their environment.

Along the way, our champs from childcare in Serangoon also gained confidence and learnt about the importance of being helpful to others.

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