Our Preschool @ Holland Village Celebrate Their Little Wins!

August 24, 2018

As we give our best for everything that we do, it is important to celebrate the little moments of victories that occur along the way. And that’s exactly what the K1 Champs and their Chinese teacher, Zhou Xiaoyun, from MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village did recently.

Inspired by a classroom activity to teach Champs the characteristics of the wind, Zhou Laoshi wrote a nursery rhyme about that element itself. Through her writing, Zhou Laoshi also expressed her wish to have the freedom to travel freely like the wind to fill her life with happiness and to share the joy with the people around her.

She then sent in her original writing for the 3rd Thumbs up Little Junior nursery writing competition organised by SPH.

Zhou Laoshi’s nursery rhyme which won consolation prize in the competition.

Over 200 entries were submitted for the competition – out of which 12 were shortlisted for a competition on 28 July 2018. Zhou Laoshi’s entry was one of the 12 shortlisted entries to go through.

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Time to shine, Champs!

One of the requirements of the competition was to have a group of children perform on stage. Thanks to the support of our Champion parents, eight K1 Champs were selected to take part in the competition and bring the writing of Zhou Laoshi to life.

Champs getting into character to depict the characteristics of the wind.
Getting into the right position.

Being shortlisted to take part in this competition was the first victory that the Champs and teachers celebrated. But there was more good news that awaited them! Turns out, the Champs’ performance were among the few that wowed the judges – and for that, they were awarded the consolation prize.

Our Champs and Zhou Laoshi receiving the prize on stage.

As the Champs celebrated the journey that brought them towards their win in the competition, they were reminded to focus on the lesson to be learnt from the experience and not to be discouraged when faced with challenges. Zhou Laoshi encouraged them to keep up the good work that they have put in through the following quote which she lives by:

“Winning is not everything and a winner never stops trying.”

Consolation prize from the 3rd Thumbs up Little Junior nursery rhyme competition organised by SPH.

Check out this video for the Champs’ performance during the competition:


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