MindChamps PreSchool @
Holland Village

211 Holland Avenue, #04-01 Holland Road Shopping Centre, Singapore 278967
(Holland V MRT)

The PreSchool is nestled in the central region of Singapore, in well-loved Holland Village, an enclave that has served both the expat and local communities for decades.

  • The PreSchool encompasses an interesting roof-top outdoor playground where students will explore and learn within safe boundaries.
  • The grass lawn lends perfect greenery to the PreSchool for outdoor activities.
  • On the whole, the PreSchool lends a spacious, natural and radiant feel, setting a foundation for a fascinating yet educational learning journey.
  • In line with MindChamps’ Education and Life Philosophy of 100% Respect, Zero Fear, students are nurtured for academic and social excellence.
  • Hence, in addition to the ultimate objective of being a “Life-long Learner”, for example, students also strive towards being individuals with “Integrity”, “Compassion” and more.

To see this wonderful PreSchool, pay us a visit now!

Centre Director's Message

Welcome to MindChamps Preschool @ Holland V.

At Holland V, we believe that every child’s early years are crucial and in providing them with a strong foundation for their education.

As parent, you are making a valuable decision in entrusting your child to us by enrolling them in our MindChampsPreSchool programme with a team of loving and dedicated teachers.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your child’s early years of growth and development.

Make an appointment with us to tour the centre!


Make an appointment with us to tour the centre!

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