Police Officers Reached Out to Preschoolers at MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village

February 8, 2018

What’s the role of a police officer?

Police from the Queenstown Neighbourhood Police Centre paid a visit to our kindergarten 1 (K1) at MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village recently as part of their outreach efforts to educate them on the important role of the police and the various types of enforcement officers in Singapore.

On top of that, the kindergarten Champs were given advice on the dos and don’ts of personal safety (e.g., Not to accept gifts from strangers and not to go to playgrounds by themselves).

PreSchool @ Holland Village
Thanks for visiting us. Sergeant(SGT) Suraiyah received the colourful drawing from our champs.

The police team, headed by SGT Suraiyah Parveen and assisted by station corporals Mubeen and Hairul, provided insights into their job and responsibilities, and how they fight crime.

They also explained the various types of enforcement officers and the different uniforms worn in the police force.

Our kindergarten Champs were also educated on the many different departments within the police force. One of the most interesting sessions of the day was when the Champs got to see and touch the equipment that police officers carry with them (minus the revolver).

Due to safety concerns, they did not get a chance to see the inside of a police car but were introduced to the latest police vehicles.

PreSchool @ Holland Village
Giving their full attention. Champs were especially interested in the police equipment.

SGT Suriayah was especially impressed with our Champs who asked her some pretty tough questions.

They were curious to know the difference between a policeman and an airport policeman, and why is there a need for a policeman to carry a revolver. They even asked her the purpose of a taser gun and how to identify a policeman.

PreSchool @ Holland Village
Examining a police badge – this helps us identify a policeman

For the Champs, this was indeed a rare opportunity to meet with a policeman and discover how invaluable they are in keeping our homes and community safe.

The interaction between the Champs and police teaches them not to be afraid of police officers and assured them that the police are the “good guys”.

PreSchool @ Holland Village
Our eager Champs participating in the talk.

A safe and secure Singapore for all

Singapore is dubbed one of the safest cities in the world. This feat is only achievable because of a competent and hardworking police force.

A big Thank You to SGT Suraiya and her team for spending their precious time in educating our Champs and giving them this opportunity to meet a real enforcement officer.

We hope this chance meeting will inspire our Champs to join the police force in future and keep up the good work that the Singapore Police Force is doing to keep our island state safe.

PreSchool @ Holland Village
Aside from police duties, our hardworking police force reaches out to the community – young and old on a daily basis.