You’re Invited – Music Appreciation Workshop

March 7, 2018

Most parents would notice that their preschoolers love listening or singing along to music.

Nothing brings more joy and amusement to a parent than when their toddler reacts to the rhythm of a song or their fixation on a particular song segment in a cartoon.

Research undertaken by a team of researchers in the 1990s showed that exposure to music from early childhood helps children speak better, expand their vocabulary, and strengthen their social and emotional skills.

The role of music in children’s early development

Listening to music at an early age develops the left part of the brain, which is responsible for verbal memory.

For this reason, children who have been in regular contact with music are better able to respond to stimuli, concentrate and learn.

When dancing and moving to music, children develop better motor skills, whereas singing along to a song allows them to practise their singing voice. In general, the exposure to music supports children in their developmental process to learn the sound of tones and words.

Like language development, toddlers develop their musical skills through imitating and memorising rhythms and tones of songs such as clapping to a beat and singing in tune. Without this ability, children would not be able to develop their musical skills. Therefore, sufficient stimulation and exposure to music and musical play are necessary to help children turn their potential into actual musical growth.

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Music Appreciation Workshop @ MindChamps Raffles Town Club


With all this in mind, Ms Zhen Jun Sun, Centre Director of MindChamps PreSchool @ Raffles Town Club, was inspired to organise a music appreciation workshop for kids aged 3 to 7 years old and their parents. She explained:

Because I have seen how music uplift and inspire our preschool children to be joyous and lively. Thus, I want to use this feel-good vibes to bring out the learning potential of our Champs and show their parents how they can be a part of this wonderful experience.

About the instructors

Christina Zhou, an accomplished musician with vast experience in playing chamber and orchestral music, will be conducting a music appreciation workshop at MindChamps PreSchool @ Raffles Town Club this March.

Participants will learn rhythm, pitch and listening skills as well as understand music in preschool education. There will also be a children-and-teacher music jamming session, teacher performance and musical sharing session.

Christina is the Assistant Music Director of a Singapore-based contemporary music band, TO ensemble. The band largely works on creating original performances that are multi-disciplinary and often collaborate with film, contemporary dance and visual art-forms. Christina believes that learning and appreciating music is a powerful way to shape a person’s cognitive abilities.

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With a strong passion for education, Christina is currently the Principal and Director of Coronation Music School. She spends most of her time teaching as well. Christina focuses on personalised learning, knowing that each child learns differently, adapts her way of teaching according to the needs of different students.

Christina will be accompanied by Chua Tung Khng who plays the piano. Tung Khng’s late start in music did not deter him from pursuing his passion. Having attained the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Grade 8 while serving his national service, he then continued his studies, majoring in classical piano under the tutelage of Arkadiusz Bialak at LASALLE.

Join us on Saturday, 17 Mar 2018, 9:30am – 11am for an enjoyable Music Appreciation Workshop.

E-mail [email protected] to RSVP today!