Why This Childcare Centre in Jurong East Was Conferred “Top Performing Centre” Award

March 7, 2018

In the recent years, MindChamps PreSchool @ JTC Summit has received several notable awards for its stellar performance in providing the best early childhood education.

This includes being awarded the “Top Performing Centre” by the Franchising and Licensing Association Singapore in 2012, the “Most Committed Franchisee Award” by MindChamps Holdings in the same year, as well as bagging the title of the “Top Three Best Preschools” in the Jurong East area by ThreeBest Rated in 2017.

The award by the Franchising and Licensing Association Singapore was conferred for achieving the highest enrolment numbers and running the centre at maximum capacity, whilst the Most Committed Franchisee Award was conferred by MindChamps Holdings to the Centre Directors, Ms Lynn Chew and Ms Gail Lim, for their consistent commitment towards upholding the MindChamps standard operating procedures, quality and values. Meanwhile, ThreeBestRated inspected everything from reputation, reviews, satisfaction and cost before awarding the centre the coveted title.

Here are some reasons why this award-winning childcare centre in Jurong East is so popular among parents who live and work in the area.

Emphasis on parent-child bond

This childcare centre at Jurong East organises many activities to promote the bonds between parents and their children.

For example, parents and children at this centre worked together to raise funds at the One Heart 2017 Charity Drive.

Some of the things they did include manning the food and games stalls and the children were taught how to make simple crafts and baked goods to sell. Their “sales” skills were also put to the test in order to attract customers to their stalls and purchase the goods.

Through events like these, children learn how to work as a team and communicate effectively. They also learn the value of doing charity work and helping others.

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Committed educators that instil values in the children

Parents have praised the centre for instilling confidence in children and having an effective curriculum in “nurturing champions”.

When children are confident in their abilities, they will develop a love of learning and be motivated to take charge.

Apart from character-building and providing them with a strong academic foundation, children are also encouraged to give back to the community.

This is done by organising charitable activities and events, where children at this childcare centre at Jurong East get to volunteer to bring joy to those in need – with the most recent activity being a Tripartite (Parent-Child-School) Volunteering Event for Touch Community Services. Here, Champs got to put up Chinese New Year cultural and lion dance performances for the elderly and had a chat-a-long session with them thereafter.

Adaptive curriculum that caters to each child’s needs

Educators are also trained to provide for each child and tweak the curriculum to suit their needs.

Sihui, a parent who sent her child to this MindChamps PreSchool childcare centre at Jurong East commented that her son’s “behavioural problem” which was reported by the preschool he previously attended, was eradicated after the teachers made some simple changes for him.

He built a strong rapport with the teachers and adapted to the school quickly.

This childcare at Jurong East provides many learning opportunities for the Champs

The centre also provides many occasions for the children to learn during field trips.

For Chinese New Year, the Champs visited Chinatown to get to know their heritage and Singapore’s history better. They also got to visit their friends at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Thomson, which gave them an idea of how lessons are conducted there. Opened by the same owners, this allows holiday exchange programmes to be organised for both the bilingual preschool and Chinese preschool.

Throughout the year, there are ample opportunities for the kids to go to carnivals and put up year-end performances. All these activities provide the children with a greater world view and give them the opportunity to create unforgettable memories.

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Giving graduating Champs lasting memories

To complete the K2 graduation ceremony, the childcare centre also organises an annual “2D1N K2 Excellence & Graduation Camp” which all K2 champs eagerly look forward to every single year.

Champs will get to enjoy a day full of fun activities that are conducted indoors and outdoors. This is then wrapped up with the centre’s signature “Champion Treasure Night-Hunt”,  BBQ Dinner and Movie Night. All these are organised lovingly by the teachers to give the Champs long-lasting memories of their preschool journey that they can take with them.

Over the years, this has become a tradition at MindChamps PreSchool @ JTC Summit, and even the teachers from other levels will help with the caring of Champs overnight. This also goes to show the strong bond and trust that the Champs’ parents have for the centre by allowing their 6-year-olds to spend the night away from home.

Trusted as a pioneer MindChamps childcare centre

After nearly eight years running, MindChamps PreSchool @ JTC  Summit has earned a solid reputation as a centre that looks after the needs of both Champs and their parents.

Safety is a priority and the centre is housed in a secure building staffed with officers who provide 24-hour security, so the Champs are always well protected.

On top of that, the centre also believes that “feedback is the seed of growth” and encourages parents to give suggestions. Teachers also do their part by constantly connecting with the parents regarding their child’s well-being in school. As such, this childcare centre has seen constant improvement over the years.


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