Should Parents Attend Tuition To Help Their Primary School Kids?

December 4, 2017

Primary school tuition for parents?

Yes, Singapore is seeing this burgeoning trend where parents themselves are attending tuition to help their kids with their studies.

From “boot camps” and crash courses on primary school maths and science, to intensive composition writing workshops, there is a growth of primary school tuition centres providing parents with exam tips, an overview of the types of problem-solving methods and concepts taught in school, common mistakes that students make, and other advice for parents to coach their children at home.

“There are at least a dozen education centres offering such hothousing workshops for parents, up from just a handful three years ago. Many [centres] have seen a jump in the number of parents going for such classes,” The Straits Times reported.

Effectiveness of Primary School Tuition for Parents

Even with Singapore’s reported billion dollar tuition industry and 7 out of 10 parents sending their kids for tuition, the trend of parents attending primary school tuition is going one step further.

Why is this happening?

As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher. And yet, you may feel helpless when your kid rushes to you with another complex science problem that gives you a double take, because it looks harder than the homework you had as a kid. When your child’s syllabus has advanced beyond your means, you may be tempted to give in and sign yourself up for tuition.

But how effective is this in helping children do their best academically?

Learning to do your child’s schoolwork could potentially backfire. While some parents maintain that coaching their children is a bonding activity, there is a possibility of being too overbearing. Likewise, you might be spoon-feeding your child the answers instead of allowing him or her to learn from mistakes.

Rather than excelling on his or her own, your child may become overly dependent on your help and potentially lose the skill of self-directed learning.

“In the long run, children will benefit more from parental support such as encouragement, reassurance and understanding, than getting the right answers with the help of parents,” Dr Timothy Chan, director of SIM Global Education’s academic division was quoted in an article by The Straits Times.

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Primary School Tuition Centre Alternatives

Just as it is possible for children to ace primary school exams without tuition, it is possible for them to excel academically without their parents attending courses at primary school tuition centres too.

Keeping in mind that it is not sustainable for parents to attend tuition classes for the entirety of their child’s education journey (from primary school through secondary, JC, and university), here are some more holistic and sustainable alternatives to encourage your child’s learning.

  • Create a positive studying environment. Refrain from making homework time sound like a chore or a punishment. When children are positive, they are better learners – and you will ultimately have an easier time teaching them. Empower them with the mindset of 100% Respect, Zero Fear.
  • Help them manage stress and emotions effectively, especially when preparing for exams.
  • Always emphasise why they are learning something, not just what they are learning. The MindChamps research and development team has found that children ought to be taught the three stages to learning and development, including Active Understanding, Active Storage, and Active Recall.
  • Allow your child to make mistakes and learn from them. Research has shown that learning from mistakes boosts one’s memory.
  • Encourage him or her to be a good communicator, and to take initiative in seeking help from the teachers.
  • Be approachable. Enquire about how your child is doing in school and if there are any subjects that they are struggling with. Be open and present. Have high standards, but resist from micromanaging as it leaves little space for your child to develop the ability to manage his or her own schoolwork responsibilities. Children feel empowered when you give them ownership of their learning.

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