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Conveniently located in the west of Singapore, MindChamps PreSchool @ Buona Vista is located within walking distance from the Buona Vista, One-north and Commonwealth MRT stations. With 12,000 sq ft of learning space, our centre comes fully equipped with functional and interactive facilities such as:

  • A stimulating, nurturing and age-appropriate infant care space
  • A spacious outdoor playground
  • An attractive and fully padded indoor gym room
  • A MindChamps Reading & Writing Room for Natural Literacy and MindChamps Reading & Writing classes
  • ‘I am Confident’ performance stage for ‘Show & Tell’ and mini performances
  • An ‘I am Creative’ room where imagination is boundless
  • Designated classrooms that are bright, large, conducive and inviting

“Investing in Early Childhood Nutrition is a surefire strategy. The return is incredibly high.” – Anne M. Mulcahy

We are the first and only MindChamps PreSchool centre to invest in a fully furnished kitchen and an in-house cook, ensuring our Champs are served only the freshest, most nutritious, and delicious dishes cooked with hand-picked ingredients from our specially curated menu. Some top favourite dishes of our Champs include Atlantic Salmon with Napa Cabbage and Shimeiji Mushrooms  with Mixed Grain Rice, Hainanese Chicken with Mixed Grain Rice and Cabbage Soup, Chicken Bolognese in chopped tomatoes, celery and carrot Spaghetti, Stir Fried Wholemeal Mee Tai Mak with Minced Chicken, Carrots & Mushrooms and Stewed Chicken with Cabbage and Carrots with Mixed Grain Rice.

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Raising a Child with a Champion Mindset

MindChamps PreSchool @ Buona Vista offers learning and enrichment programmes for children from 18 months to 6 years old, in the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels.

At our school, we incorporate the S.M.I.L.E.S’™ Methodology, one that brings together research from the distinct domains of Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre, and Education. Our writing and reading programmes, developed by Author Brian Caswell, will aid in instilling your child with a love for reading and creative writing. 

By also fostering a Champion mindset, Champs develop into resilient individuals who can confidently handle the transition from preschool to primary school. We offer a range of activities that adequately prepare children to deal with changes to their routines, environments, and relationships when they enter primary school.

At MindChamps PreSchool, teachers are compassionate and competent. We ensure every educator at our school sits through up to 200 hours of compulsory training and accreditation. This ensures that your child’s mind is nurtured by teachers of the highest standards. 

Our centres and facilities are designed to ensure your child’s growth and development is encouraged and their safety is always prioritised. 

Find out why MindChamps PreSchool @ Buona Vista is more than just any childcare and might just be the best preschool for your little Champ! Book a complimentary visit to our preschool so you will be able to take a look at the facilities for yourself. 

Parents’ Preferred PreSchool

MindChamps PreSchool offers learning and enrichment programmes for children from 18 months to 6 years old, in the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels.

Our unique ‘S.M.I.L.E.S.’™ methodology brings together Research & Development from the 3 distinct domains of Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre, synthesised with Education. Our bilingual curriculum nurtures all aspects of your preschool child’s development, facilitating the transition from preschool to primary school.

The curriculum is specifically designed to provide a wide variety of activities that prepare children for the change in teaching styles, relationships, environment and routine when they enter primary school.


In fact, every MindChamps Kindergarten 2 class experiences the theme ‘Here I Come, P1!’ in its final two terms.

We are the only preschool where teachers, regardless of previous qualification or experience, undergo up to 200 hours of compulsory training and accreditation. This ensures that your child’s mind is nurtured by superbly qualified and dedicated teachers.

Find out why MindChamps is more than just any childcare centre and might just be the best preschool for your little Champ!


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Parents' Reviews


To the MindChamps PreSchool @ Buona Vista (Infant Care) team, a big thank you to all of you for the 15 months that Glendon had spent with you guys. Both daddy and myself are very thankful for the love and care showered on Glendon. You guys have definitely gone way and beyond, your passion for the Champs shows through the work you guys do!

As parents, we also feel very assured when we drop Glendon off at school and know that he’ll have a great day with his teachers and friends. And we love the updates on what’s happening at school, feels like we’re part of his school life as well!

Chen Guanting and Alina Tan
Parents of Chen Jun An Glendon

Katie has attended MindChamps PreSchool @Buona Vista for the last 4 and a half years. Katie started in their Infant Care Program and has progressed seamlessly through each of the last few years.
Katie has experienced wonderful warmth from all the staff and teachers at MindChamps. We have such confidence in MindChamps and every interaction that Katie has had in school is testament to their kind, professional and caring nature. Since Katie joined MindChamps, we have seen huge success in her overall development both educationally and socially and we credit this to the time that she has spent there. She is excited to go to school every day and she will really miss her time there.
All Katie’s teachers have been excellent – demonstrating kindness, patience, understanding and love for Katie.
We are so happy with MindChamps and cannot recommend it highly enough. It has given Katie the best foundation for her development, social skills, and education.
From the bottom of our hearts thank you all so much for all that you have done for Katie.

Gillian & Liam Loughnane
Parents of Katie Michelle Loughnane None

With the gradual re-opening post COVID, we are grateful that MindChamps has organised several events that brought us back to school to play together with our kids and to finally witness the actual classroom. Now Natalie’s description of the different playzones and where she takes naps at in school makes sense!

From the fun and games during Lunar New Year celebrations to the first in class birthday celebration, her relaxed and happy disposition in school is affirmation of the healthy and warm environment created by the MindChamps PreSchool @ Buona Vista family. Natalie has always wanted us to visit her in school, so it means alot to us and her that we are able to do so.

Looking back, we have been with MindChamps PreSchool @ Buona Vista since Natalie was an infant. Every step of the way, her teachers have always sincerely worked together with us to help Natalie grow, mature and develop through the formative years. Their openness and sincerity enabled us to have a healthy teacher-parent dynamic, for which we are deeply thankful for.

There is nothing more that we can wish for, so thank you!

Henry Koh and Shireen Goh
Parents of Natalie Koh Xiang Yun

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