Best Preschools in the West of Singapore: Locate a MindChamps PreSchool Centre Nearest to You!

January 17, 2019

Since 2008, MindChamps has been providing quality education for young minds and continues to be one of the top preschool choices for parents in Singapore.

The preschool curriculum is not only designed to ensure that children are academically ready for primary school, but also excited to continue their learning. The unique pedagogy combines the findings of research in education, psychology, neuroscience and theatre to provide a holistic approach to learning. On top of that, all MindChamps PreSchool teachers are required to undergo up to 200 hours of compulsory training regardless of their prior background to ensure that they are more than qualified to deliver the curriculum and nurture the minds of our preschoolers.

For parents who are located in the west side of Singapore, here is a comprehensive list of all MindChamps PreSchool centres that you can enrol your children in.

MindChamps PreSchool @ West Coast Plaza, Singapore

Located in West Coast Plaza, this preschool is convenient for those living in the west side of Singapore.

Here, lessons are conducted in two parts (a morning session, followed by a short nap and then the afternoon session), and are often theme-based featuring hands-on activities, games and songs.

Apart from the English and Chinese teachers assigned to each class, there are also dedicated enrichment teachers who conduct programmes such as the MindChamps Reading and Writing programme for children in Nursery 2 onwards. Through this programme, children will pick up key skills that are crucial in developing their early literacy skills, as well as to develop a love for reading by being exposed to a thoughtful selection of early reading titles.

Address: 211 Holland Avenue, #04-01 Holland Road Shopping Centre, 278967

Phone: 6463 0881

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What parents are saying about MindChamps PreSchool @ West Coast Plaza

“Thank you for helping Kaelan grow and develop. He enjoys school more now and we can see that he is learning more and having a lot of fun. The new words and actions that he learnt from school often amuse us too. Big thanks to the MindChamps team for the great work – the kids love you all as much as the parents!”

– Elena Low, parent of Kaelan Ong

MindChamps Preschool @ Jurong West, Singapore

The Wishing Tree installation located at the entrance basically encapsulates the aspirations of this preschool – for all their preschoolers to have “heart” and show care for others. As such, the school focuses on nurturing the children to be kind and contributing citizens, other than being academically-driven. The curriculum focuses on positive reinforcement and character-building. Teachers will also use real-life opportunities to guide the kids through their daily lives and encourage them on their journey.

Address: 20 Jurong West Street 93, Jurong West Sports and Recreation Centre, #02-06/07, Singapore 648965

Phone: 6790 8878

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MindChamps Preschool @ Junction 10, Singapore

Here, the collaboration between the school and parents is greatly emphasised. Teachers work closely with the parents to ensure a smooth transition and will liaise often to get a better understanding of the child’s needs and habits. From there, teachers will be able to comprehend each child’s personality better and cater the lessons to their needs. The teachers are trained to provide a warm environment for the children and nurture their love for learning.

Address: 1 Woodlands Road, #02-15 Junction 10, 677899

Phone: 6767 2381


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MindChamps PreSchool @ JTC  Summit, Singapore

In 2017, MindChamps PreSchool @ JTC was awarded the “Top Performing Centre” by Mapletree, and for good reason. The childcare centre at Jurong East organises community events, which help to bring the community together and teach the children new skills.

For example, during the One Heart 2017 Charity Drive, children and parents worked as a team to man food and games stalls to raise funds. The children were taught how to make simple crafts and baked goods, as well as to sell their wares. Through these events, children not only understand the importance of helping others, but they also pick up valuable life skills like teamwork.

The centre also believes in forging stronger parent-child bonds and involves parents in many of these community events.

Address: 8 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Singapore 609434

Phone: 6896 8896

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What parents are saying about MindChamps PreSchool @ JTC Summit

“MindChamps PreSchool @ JTC Summit is an excellent preschool that has had such a strong influence on our son, greatly inspiring him at the same time.  Its educational pedagogy does not restrict the children’s imagination – rather, they have molded, amplified and enhanced their skills. Our experience has surpassed all of the expectations that any preschool can offer. We see that our son has picked up some positive traits such as self-confidence, creativity, having the Champion Mindset and strong social skills. We can proudly say that our son has obtained a very strong foundation as well as precious experiences from MindChamps PreSchool, which has no doubt benefitted him greatly and will see him through a long way in life.”

– Mr & Mrs Cheng, parents of Cheng Yulin

MindChamps Preschool @ Holland Village, Singapore

Nestled in the quiet yet accessible location of Holland Village, this centre utilises their roof-top outdoor playground during lesson time. They also have a grass lawn where the children can enjoy the lush greenery during outdoor activities. These facilities give the centre a very natural feel with plenty of space for the children to grow and have fun.

The curriculum also incorporates a lot of hands-on activities like making models of tornados in order to help them absorb complex theories. The children have also enjoyed visits from the neighborhood police as part of the police force’s efforts to educate young citizens on the role of law enforcement. During that fun visit, kids were also taught personal safety tips and were given the opportunity to ask the officers some tough questions.

Address: 211 Holland Avenue, #04-01 Holland Road Shopping Centre, 278967

Phone: 6463 0881

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What parents are saying about MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village

Since he joined MindChamps PreSchool @ Holland Village, Dylan has grown tremendously – both socially and intellectually. Even at home, he remains keen to learn and will at times assume the role of a teacher to “teach” us things that he has learnt in school. It has been a great joy for us as we witness the little milestones he has achieved as a little young man. We believe his growth stems from the positive learning experience provided by his caring and professional teachers. We are grateful to have sent both Dylan and Ember to MindChamps.”

– Daniel Ng & Elaine Huang, parents of Dylan & Ember

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MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis, Singapore

Spanning over 9,600 square feet, this centre boasts a sparkling new look – thanks to their recent renovation. Natural light streams in through the glass windows at this preschool, featuring a lovely view of western Singapore.

There are ample facilities here – an open-air reading zone and dedicated learning rooms for the kids to enjoy. Kids can also enjoy some outdoor fun in the playground and the fully-padded gym rooms.

One notable feature of this centre is the Love & Light Café, where parents can enjoy some drinks and light bites while waiting for their children. The Cafe is part of the “I am Compassionate” initiative, where payment and cleaning up after is based on a trust system. With the aim to spread “love, light and hope” to needy children in the community, the whole experience encourages social responsibility and teaches the children (and their parents) to be aware of their own actions.

Address: 1 Fusionopolis Way, #03-03 Fusionopolis One, Singapore 138632 (one-north MRT)

Phone: 6463 4567 /9838 4567

MindChamps Preschool @ Buona Vista, Singapore

With over 10,000 square feet of space, children have ample room to grow and learn here. The centre also features a fully-equipped kitchen to prepare nutritious meals for the children. The school strikes a balance between academic and character building by organising various events like the year-end concert.

This MindChamps PreSchool centre also offers infant care, which immerses the growing minds of infants aged 2 to 18 months in a stimulating environment. Here, activities are carried out to stimulate the Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social development in the little ones. Click here to find out more.

Address: 3 Biopolis Drive, Synapse #01-11, Singapore 138623 (Buona Vista MRT)

Phone: 6684 5568 /9831 4567

Written by Steffi Wee


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