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MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis is one of the first MindChamps PreSchool centres to be set up in Singapore. An award-winning centre recognised for our passion and commitment, we have been nurturing Champions since 2009.

Over the past decade, our team of highly dedicated principal, teachers, and staff at MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis has built meaningful relationships and great trust with our parents and established a strong presence in our community.

Amenities and Facilities

At MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis, the abundance of natural lighting streaming in our beautiful glass façade and windows make way for a bright, happy and conducive environment for our Champs to learn, discover and play during the day. Our Champs are also pampered with exceptional learning spaces such as:

  • A spacious playground that evokes imagination, playfulness, and creativity
  • A fully padded gym room for the NeuroMooves enrichment programme
  • A bright and ideal open-air Reading Zone to cultivate their love for reading
  • A MindChamps Reading & Writing Room for Natural Literacy and MindChamps Reading & Writing classes
  • An ‘I am Confident’ performance stage for ‘Show & Tell’ and mini performances
  • An ‘I am Creative’ room where imagination is boundless

We also provide a sumptuous mealtime menu advocating Healthy Meals in Childcare Centres and Preschools – a healthy eating campaign by the Singapore Health Promotion Board.

Parents’ Preferred PreSchool in Fusionopolis

MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis offers learning and enrichment programmes for children from 18 months to 6 years old, in the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels.

Our unique S.M.I.L.E.S.™ Methodology brings together Research & Development from the 3 distinct domains of Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre, synthesised with Education. Our bilingual curriculum also nurtures all aspects of your preschool child’s development, facilitating the transition from preschool to primary school.

The curriculum is specifically designed to provide a wide variety of activities that prepare children for the change in teaching styles, relationships, environment, and routine when they enter primary school.


In fact, every MindChamps Kindergarten 2 class experiences the theme ‘Here I Come, P1!’ in its final two terms.

MindChamps is the only preschool where teachers, regardless of previous qualification or experience, undergo up to 200 hours of compulsory training and accreditation. This ensures that your child’s mind is nurtured by qualified and dedicated teachers.

Find out why MindChamps is more than just any childcare centre and might just be the best preschool for your little Champ! Read about our pedagogy and our philosophy to understand our approach to early childhood education.


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Parents' Reviews


In all honesty, we first sent Sophie to MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis for the following reasons:
1) The playground and toilets were so new and clean, 2) We were sold on the “Gourmet Moments” food choices for kids and 3) We wanted the school to give the best learning journey possible for our kid on weekdays, so we can spend our weekends enjoying each other’s company.
A few years later, the reasons that made us send our second child, Joel to MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis were quite different. 1) Sophie rarely comes home with any ailments; a testament to some sort of hardcore cleanliness regime, 2) We are amazed at what she seems to know and comprehend at such a young age and 3) Sophie comes home everyday, chirping gleefully about the good memories she built with her friends, teachers and centre staff.

Should we have yet another child, you can be sure that we’ll be sending him/her to MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis!

Joshua Choo and and Kwan Shu Ming,
Parents of Sophie Choo and Joel Choo

MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis has been a wonderful experience for our family. Principal Elaine and her team were very warm and welcoming from the get-go and was extremely patient with any questions we had! As Emilia joined only in the midst of N2, all of her teachers took time to get to know her, and it is evident each one of them has a passion for what they do. We have really seen our daughter grow during her time in the K1 program, she started out shy and reserved but now doesn’t stop talking about what she did in school! She has also learned many new words and concepts during her time here. MindChamps exposes children to new concepts through play, music and other sensory activities, and this has really helped Emilia to grasp and retain what she learns at school. We cannot say enough good things about MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis!

Sherman Sim & Stefanie Tan
Parents of Emilia Sim

MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis has given a wonderful experience to our family, especially to our children, under the guidance and management of the Principal and her team of friendly teachers and admin staff. The teachers assigned to our children’ classes are dedicated and loving and they often come home with smiles when they speak fondly of their teachers. Thank you for your love towards our children. It’s very comforting to see our children enjoy school and know that they will bring their happy experiences with them as they move forth to next levels and embark on new phases. We chose this school due to the clean environment and low teacher student ratio and we saw growth in his linguistic skills especially. We also enrolled our daughter who was not really learning much from another preschool and at that time of her N1 enrolment to MindChamps PreSchool @ Fusionopolis, she was not really able to articulate in complete sentences but had learned within a month upon joining the school. Kudos to the teachers! We are really thankful that we have chosen this preschool which has provided an enriching learning environment for the kids. We love how our children are always so keen to share what happens in school daily and how excited they’ll always be whenever they go for their excursions!

Lai Kwang Haw & Jiang Huiping
Parents of Asher Lai
Parents of Aliza Lai

MindChamps stands out for its exemplary commitment to creating a nurturing environment where children flourish. From engaging educational activities to compassionate staff members who prioritize each child’s well-being.

They also provide an enriching experience, whether it is through interactive learning games, outdoor exploration, or creative arts and crafts, children have ample opportunities to grow and develop in a supportive atmosphere. Your dedication to fostering a sense of community and ensuring every child feels valued and supported is truly commendable. Thank you so much!

Adam Wang & Xiong Tianren
Parents of Wang An Ran

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