MindChamps Curriculum - Nursery

The nursery years are a crucial stage for your child, as beginning from Nursery 1, what your child has learnt in playgroup will gain momentum as he/she acquires further development of language, communication and vocabulary. At this level, children will be immersed in an environment that cultivates learning through exploration, sensory and tangible stimulations.
During the nursery years, your child will be introduced to numbers, sounds and letters of the alphabet, as well as books and reading.

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Learn Through Storytelling

Narrative Intelligence strategies are designed to help your child learn through his/ her natural affinity with stories and metaphors during the nursery years.

Intrinsically, Narrative Intelligence is about storytelling and language, but it goes a long way. It refers to the ability to see connections between elements, sequences, cause and effect and recurring patterns in all information and environments. By connecting these aspects, it may seem as though your child is telling a story, but in fact, much more is happening – stories motivate children to learn.

MindChamps PreSchool lets our nursery children develop vital skills for keen, life-long reading and writing, down to building up confidence with a language other than their mother tongue. However, our students do it in a way that is suited to their age and abilities – without boring drills and rote-learning.

Kindergarten Class

Language and Reading Strategies

Where language acquisition is concerned, our curriculum is based on scientific research. Thus we do not rely on rote-learning or drilling. We let our pre-schoolers develop a love for enthusiastic, life-long reading and writing, and to build confidence in usiang a language other than their mother tongue, according to their age and learning abilities.

At MindChamps, modules such as Reading & Writing, Fun with Language and The Love for Chinese Language are part of the curriculum. These are conducted through nursery-appropriate learning methods such as the Say and Sing approach, which is devoted to phonemic and phonics awareness.

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Numeracy Strategies

Numbers are abstract and numeracy is the ability to grasp the ‘relationships’ between them.

Numeracy strategies are developed within our curriculum through play and ‘hands-on’ experiments where children can literally grasp, for example, the concept of value. Other activities include physical grouping and counting exercises, musical pre-numeracy exercises, manipulation of numbers, shapes and patterns by joining in on ‘real-life’ exercises. These provide the foundation for life-long learning of numeracy.

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