Makings of the Best Children’s Festival in Singapore 2017

September 8, 2017

Looking for a Children’s Festival in Singapore to bring your kids in 2017? Look no further!

Parents, picture the look of pure joy on your child’s face as he or she achieves a small victory: scoring a soccer goal, blowing a giant bubble bigger than their face, whooshing down a stomach-churning tall slide and shrieking with glee all the way.

These are the moments that make up a happy childhood. These are also the makings of the best Children’s Festival in Singapore 2017. “I’m Proud of You” – A Champion Family Festival, a 2-day fun-filled weekend where the whole family can bond over exciting games and activities, including an inflatable obstacle course, live pony rides, a mini scooter challenge, and enriching workshops.

The best part is that parents and kids will have so much fun, they will hardly even realise the enormous learning that is taking place. After all, there is nothing like a rush of adrenaline at a children’s festival to help get those brain juices flowing!

Here are the makings of the most anticipated Children’s Festival in Singapore 2017, “I’m Proud of You” – A Champion Family Festival:

The best Children’s Festival in Singapore combines playing with learning

All activities at the Champion Family Festival are built around the research-based “3 Minds” education philosophy to nurture the Champion Mind, the Learning Mind and the Creative Mind.

So, what do you get when fun and excitement are combined with learning? Happy kids who are engaged in an unforgettable learning journey.

At the Learning Zone, the Pony Feeding & Grooming and Live Pony Rides stations show kids how to take care of these lovable animals, while the STARLAB Planetarium takes them on a tour of the night sky and its magnificent constellations.

The MindChamps Reading and Writing Workshop boosts their confidence in literacy skills, while the Kids Pottery Workshop unleashes their crafting creativity in handmade ceramics.

Parents get to bond and learn alongside their little ones at the Children’s Festival

As parents, the majority of our role is to teach our children. But what if we learned with them?

After all, research shows the impact that a supportive home environment can have on a child’s education. When the whole family participates in learning together, the children are more likely to succeed.

The best Children’s Festival in Singapore 2017 provides an exciting and enriching platform for families to discover and learn together.

Hand-in-hand, side-by-side, as parents and children play and try new activities, their thinking improves in all kinds of ways: how to think outside the box, be creative, take risks, increase concentration, cooperate as a team, and more.

Celebrate one another’s victories, no matter how big or small!

The Children’s Festival makes a meaningful Children’s Day gift because it is an experience your children will remember.

This Children’s Day 2017, give your child an unforgettable gift that he or she will always cherish: a whole weekend at a Children’s Festival that goes all out to celebrate them.

After children showcase their talents at the ‘MOSH! World of Wonder Activity Station,’ have a blast at Pororo Park Singapore, make marshmallow pops, go rock climbing, and stand in awe of jugglers, mime artists, stilt walkers, and magic shows, you can be sure that at the end of the weekend, they will have a whole treasure cove of memories of the fun they had.

Not only that but by learning through play, their confidence will be boosted. The long-term impact of this exciting and educational Children’s Festival is that your kid will be encouraged to embrace learning like a Champion.


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