The Anatomy of The Best Chinese Kindergarten In Singapore For Your Child

September 29, 2017

Learning the Chinese language from young will open up more opportunities for your child in the future. Not only is it increasingly used as a language for business expansion, trade, travel and cultural understanding, it is also one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.

With such enormous and far-reaching benefits to learning Mandarin, no wonder there is a growing demand for Chinese kindergartens in Singapore.

An effective bilingual curriculum at a trusted Chinese kindergarten in Singapore  

At MindChamps Chinese Kindergarten, children from 18 months to 6 years old are engaged in a fun and nurturing Chinese speaking and learning environment that is far from the “drill and kill” approach.

To offer true bilingual immersion, Chinese is infused into the unique preschool curriculum that is rooted in the latest scientific research into language acquisition. This helps to develop understanding and confidence in both written and spoken Mandarin and English among the pre-schoolers.

“At MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, we cultivate the necessary skills within our pre-schoolers so that they can become enthusiastic life-long speakers, listeners, readers and writers,” said Brian Caswell, MindChamps Dean of Research and Programme Development. The focus on bilingualism in every class level not only ensures a strong foundation, but also the continual development of Chinese language skills.

A Chinese kindergarten in Singapore that goes beyond language education to teaching culture appreciation and values as well

At a well-rounded Chinese kindergarten, linguistic skills should only be one aspect. According to Mr David Chiem, Founder, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer of MindChamps, the MindChamps Chinese PreSchool provides a “launch pad for richer understanding, not only of a language, but of a whole culture – and more importantly, to give graduates the competitive edge.”

Through dynamic, hands-on activities in the Chinese Cultural Appreciation and The Love for Chinese Language programmes, students from playgroup through kindergarten 2 will play games, listen to and reenact stories and rhymes, sing songs, and even learn traditional art forms such as Chinese dance, painting and calligraphy. Children also gain an insight into Chinese culture through tea appreciation, Chinese opera, and clay modelling.

During their in-depth learning journey into China’s rich history and culture, students’ mother tongue improves along with their sense of identity.

Chinese kindergarten also cultivates character building, infusing lessons with important values, many of which are drawn from the morals imparted in Chinese classic literature. The traditional tales are distilled and discussed in captivating and thought-provoking ways so that little ones can better grasp the life lessons.

A Chinese kindergarten education gives your child an early advantage in primary school

It is never too early to provide your child with a strong foundation in the Chinese language, especially when mother tongue is an academic requirement in primary school and in the PSLE. One way to encourage your child’s willingness and enthusiasm to study Chinese is through inculcating the Champion Mindset, and empowering them through the 100 Percent Respect, Zero Fear philosophy.

As parents, you naturally want to provide your child with the best opportunities to succeed. That is why it is essential to enroll your child in a Chinese kindergarten that equips him or her with the tools and love of Chinese language to transition well into primary school and beyond.

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