Here’s What Your Toddler Gets Up to in a Chinese Playgroup at Tampines Central

December 7, 2017

We have shown you a day in the life of Champs in various MindChamps PreSchool centres, but how does the schedule of activities differ in our Chinese PreSchools?

Although a Chinese playgroup utilises a Chinese curriculum, important English concepts will still be taught.

This is to ensure that the Champs get sufficient exposure to the language which helps them have an easier time in the future.

Here is a peek into what a Playgroup Champ’s typical day might look like at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central.

The start of the day for our Chinese playgroup champs

School runs from 7am through 7pm. At 830am, the Champs will kickstart their day with a healthy breakfast.

Then, they start the curriculum, which is a based on the MindChamps Education and Life Philosophy of 100% Respect, Zero Fear.

The playgroup curriculum is much different from other Chinese playgroups that may focus more on memory drills and instructions from teachers.

Instead, Champs are encouraged to take charge of their own learning and participate actively in class.

MindChamps Chinese Playgroup incorporates culture and tradition

Following that, it is time for their morning fruit snack to keep them energised after the busy morning.

The curriculum continues after the short break, and the core programme incorporates elements of Chinese history in order to help the children garner an appreciation for the culture.

For example, the Champs will try their hand at clay modelling, mooncake making and calligraphy.

A variety of enrichment programmes to stimulate your child’s mind

At around 12pm, the children will break for a nutritious lunch followed by a shower.

This is followed by nap time until 3pm. After a round of toilet break and afternoon snack, the lessons for enrichment programmes begin.

MindChamps’ enrichment programmes include Music for the Mind™, NeuroMooves™, Gourmet Moments, and Creative and Theatrical Strategies classes, among others.

These programmes are backed by over a decade of research and development in the three domains of Psychology, Neuroscience and Theatre.

In Gourmet Moments, children are taught the valuable life skill of cooking, as they get to explore their culinary skills.

MindChamps NeuroMooves™ is designed to help Champs sharpen their motor skills, musicality, coordination and balance.

Toddlers will learn how to perform a variety of “gymnastic” moves with hula-hoops and balancing beams.

Music aids in creativity and memory, helping children develop the right side of their brains. Music for the Mind™ will introduce Champs to a variety of instruments like the xylophone, tambourine or bells and they will be taught how to create simple tunes.

Once a week, the Champs will go through the MindChamps Reading and Writing programme, which will equip them with the essential literacy skills that they need to prepare them for primary school.

Developed in tandem with the MOE curriculum, the Reading and Writing programme aims to increase their confidence in writing and help them acquire valuable skills like editing and proofreading.

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A nice wrap-up to the day

Lessons end at 5pm and the Champs will participate in integrated play. They will get into bigger groups to carry out fun activities like show and tell, storytelling and singing.

All these are aimed at building character and social skills.

By 7pm, parents will bring their children home to rest and relax until the next exciting day at playgroup!


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