Going on a Pen Pal Picnic: Champs Discover the Forgotten Art of Handwritten Letters

March 19, 2018

Although we live in a world where Facebook, tweets and text messages are the way to go when communicating with others, sometimes it is useful to revisit the good old days where handwritten notes were the way to go.

Despite some of the “inconveniences” that the pen and paper way of communication may bring, it is still a useful skill to master and can come in handy in various situations in life (e.g., writing down ideas for a story or filling out hard copy forms).

Champs from MindChamps PreSchool @ Liang Court (River Valley) and One Raffles Place went back to basics and had the chance to discover the almost-forgotten means of communicating with a pen pal through handwritten letters.

Getting to know you 

childcare river valley
Champs and teachers grouping together for an activity.

In this collaborative project, Champs from each child care were paired together and “wrote” to each other through a letter that is hand-drawn and/or handwritten.

Through this exchange of pen and paper, Champs forged new friendships, as they experienced the wonder, curiosity and excitement in meeting their pen pal.

mindchamps childcare river valley
Whats a picnic without fun and games?

The friendly exchanges culminated in a Pen Pal Picnic @ Fort Canning Park. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of this historical landmark, Champs scouted for their pen pals from the crowd, expressed their gratitude for the letters, played interactive games with one another, and enjoyed each other’s company through a picnic.

As they got to know their pen pals better, Champs developed their ability to appreciate and see the beauty in others – which is one of the values of a MindChampion that we teach in our preschools.

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childcare river valley
“Meet my new friend”


childcare river valley
Yayy…handwritten “letters” from my new friend!

Goodbye for now…

childcare river valley
See you again soon!

It is often said that in relationships, it is how you spend your time with each other that matters – rather than the amount of time taken.

Although the Champs had been in each other’s company for a mere two hours, there was a sense of reluctance and sadness as Champs from the respective centres bade their farewell to one another.

Until we meet again next time!

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