Working Near MacPherson? Here’s Why You Should Enrol Your Child at this Childcare Centre

March 6, 2018

MindChamps PreSchool @ MacPherson opened its doors in 2016 to serve the needs of parents who reside and/or work in the vicinity. Besides the convenient location and a proprietary research-based curriculum, there are various factors that make parents decide to place their children at MindChamps PreSchool @ MacPherson.

Here are some benefits of enrolling your child at this Macpherson childcare centre.

A MacPherson childcare centre that offers an interactive and fun curriculum

With an emphasis on hands-on activities and integrated play rather than the usual rote learning, children at this childcare centre get to “play” with objects in order to grasp important concepts.

For example, math patterns are taught by having the children sort out different coloured fruits. After racing to complete the task, they are rewarded with a healthy fruit salad after that. Interactive learning helps promote memory absorption as well as a love of learning.

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Focus on character development

Besides the rich curriculum, this childcare centre at MacPherson places a strong emphasis on developing a child’s independence and team-building skills. Children are tasked to assemble their own plate during Gourmet Moments and are given the opportunity to choose what they want to do.

To encourage children to be responsible, they are given interesting tasks such as taking care of a pet snail. Group activities teach them the value of working in a team and taking turns.

Ample space and facilities for the children to play

Covering a learning area of over 5,800 square feet, the Champs can enjoy themselves at the colourful gym where some classes are conducted. Here, they get to learn through play, and through physical activities, they strengthen their bodies and improve coordination.

For example, when learning about shapes, they get to hop from one shape cushion to another. Although most children will not grasp the concept of shapes at first, they would be excited to participate in this fun activity and will slowly understand from there.

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Excursions and celebrations galore

The Champs also get to go on many outings to help them have a clearer picture of the world.

During the termly excursions, they will visit places that teach them about the different occupations and give them a glimpse of what the “adult world” is like.

They are also educated on the various celebrations, like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya, through performances and food-making and tasting. This gives them the exposure to different foods as they learn about cultures other than their own.

Located near various train stations

MindChamps PreSchool is a childcare centre at MacPherson that is conveniently situated at 56 Kallang Pudding Road (#01-01 HH@Kallang).

It is a stone’s throw away from Mattar MRT Station (Downtown Line) and other MRT stations such as Aljunied, MacPherson and Tai Seng. You will find it convenient to drop off and pick your kid up, as well as be there for your child should any emergency occur.

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This Macpherson childcare features a fun curriculum which is delivered by a team of dedicated and passionate teachers who inspire a love of learning in the children. Every day is different from the last, and your child would definitely be excited to attend school.

Contact details

Address: 56 Kallang Pudding Road #01-01 HH@Kallang Singapore 349328

Tel: 6385 5803

Email : [email protected]


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