MindChamps Chinese PreSchool Reviews: Parents Share the Changes They Have Seen in Their Champs!

May 22, 2018

MindChamps Chinese PreSchool reviews by Parents

Starting with our first centre in Tampines Central in 2016, MindChamps Chinese PreSchool was set up to provide preschoolers from 18 months to 6 years old with a solid foundation in learning Mandarin.

By infusing Mandarin into the unique MindChamps PreSchool curriculum, children will be immersed in a nurturing and vibrant Chinese speaking and learning environment at MindChamps Chinese PreSchool to help them develop an understanding and love for the language through its culture.

Ever wondered how preschoolers benefit from attending a Chinese Preschool? Here are some reviews from parents:

The parents of our Champs from MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central share their reviews on their happiness in seeing their children’s progress since enrolling them in the Mandarin Immersion programme:

mindchamps chinese preschool reviews

“We moved to Singapore mainly for Chloe’s education, as we wanted her to learn Chinese. Thus, we were very pleased to see how she has progressed from having zero knowledge in the language to being able to speak simple Chinese, understanding most of our everyday conversation at home and being able to read simple Chinese words without hanyu pinyin.

Chloe joined MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central midway through K1, and within a short period of time, we have seen improvements in her English and Chinese reading skills.

This has been the greatest satisfaction for us as parents, as we get to see the value of enrolling Chloe into MindChamps.”

– Parents of Chloe Shaia Omar

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mindchamps chinese preschool reviews

“Thanks to the welcoming and patient staff at MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Tampines Central, Jie Ying was able to adapt to the school’s routine in a very short span of time. Not only does he looks forward to going to school the next day, he comes home chirpy and happily sings the songs that were taught in school.

From a parent’s perspective, I appreciate the attention paid by the teachers towards my child and the school’s effort in addressing my concerns by updating every little milestone and progress made. l am also amazed at how well the staff know the names of all the little Champs – they never fail to greet the Champs during drop off and pick up. Kudos to all staff!”

– Parents of Toh Jie Ying

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“Ruoxian had gone through so many positive changes since she started PG last year and I know that a lot of it was due to the loving guidance and encouragement from her teachers.

Apart from being more confident and enthusiastic, I can also see great improvement in her motor and social skills and independence, and how much she loves reading. I was also very surprised to see her perform so well without stage fright during the year-end concert.

Thank you, Ms Joyce, for giving me a lot of encouragement, as well as to console and comfort Ruoxian when she fell sick constantly during her initial stage of joining the school.

I also appreciate the fact that the school and team of teachers are working very hard to upkeep the hygiene standards for the well-being of all Champs.”

– Parents of Zhou Ruoxian

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mindchamps chinese preschool reviews

“I had a very good experience with MindChamps PreSchool with my elder daughter previously and thus, MindChamps is still my school of choice when it comes to my second-born, Alexander.

When Alexander first joined MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Tampines Central, the mornings were expected to be difficult, but all the teachers were able to reassure him when handling his initial reluctance.

Now, he is happy to go to school and would tell us that he had a great day in school!

Thanks to the strong Mandarin immersion environment, Alexander has been sprouting more Mandarin at home and happily sings the songs (English and Mandarin) that were taught in school. He would also ask us to read the weekly Chinese and English books. I think the school is integral in cultivating this love for both languages, something that is important and extremely invaluable in any child’s early learning journey.”

– Parents of Alexander Fong

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“As it was Faith’s first time attending full-day childcare, she took some time to adjust to the new environment, dealing with separation from her family and meeting new friends. Through it all, we are very grateful for the support, patience, understanding and love extended to Faith during this time.

We would like to thank Faith’s teachers and the principal for their dedication, enthusiasm and care for Faith during the adjustment period. We got to experience firsthand the personal touch, the MindChamps way, and we are happy with our decision to join the MindChamps family.”

– Parents of Faith Yeow

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