Hands-on learning at MindChamps @ Tanglin

July 21, 2017
MindChamps PreSchool @ Tanglin, organises a science-themed Show & Tell every term, bringing together parents and children for a fun session of sharing and learning across all levels. This day is arguably one of the best preschool highlight for our young champs as they get to showcase the knowledge they have acquired from as young as their nursery, even playgroup age.


For term 2, the highlighted theme is Air & Water. These Kindergarten 2 preschoolers enjoyed an exciting day demonstrating their knowledge around science experiment involving air and water.


To encourage teamwork and independence, the K2 Champs had to set up their science experiment stations by themselves. They started their presentation by first posting the science question to their audience.


‘Do you know if less water produces lower or higher tone?’, surprisingly, some parents got the answer wrong, but not to worry as these champs went on to explain the answer in detail, much to the delight of the parents and teachers too.
Hands-on learning is one of the many ways for children to learn and by encouraging them to demonstrate their science experiment, it allows them to ‘teach’ what they know because teaching is a great way to learn.


The enthusiasm that they showed and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the experiment means getting children fired up about discovering and exploring the world around them with 100% RESPECT, Zero fear, an empowering MindChamps credo.


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