Preschoolers Give Back, Sparking Joy in the Elderly

May 30, 2019

Our preschoolers from MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central picked up some important life lessons recently when they celebrated Parents’ Day at the BreadTalk HQ.

Jointly organised by BreadTalk, North East Community Development Council (NECDC) and MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central, the celebration which focused on one of MindChamps’ 10 values, ‘I am Grateful’, gave the children the opportunity to learn and experience what it means to give back to the community and to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Here are some highlights from the Parents’ Day celebration:

Time to Sing & Dance!

Fighting off stage fright, these preschoolers from MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central proudly entertained the elderly and the crowd with a routine of singing and dancing.

mindchamps chinese preschool
Singing their hearts out like a true Champ!

Their month of practice paid off as the audience clearly enjoyed their performance.

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Showing Love Through Origami

mindchamps chinese preschool
Senior citizens from North East Community Development Council (NECDC) folding their heart-shaped origami together with the Champs and parents.

To add a heartfelt touch to the celebration, the parents of our preschoolers led a hands-on session in folding a heart-shaped origami.

The children clearly didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so they stepped in to help as well. Although they struggled a little with the folding, all of them managed to complete their heart-shaped origami by helping each other out.

Seeing the three generations coming together to enjoy this hands-on activity was quite an uplifting sight.

Tucking into yummy food

mindchamps chinese preschool
Parents helping to serve snacks to the elderly.

After the craft-making session, an early dinner was served to the children, parents and the elderly. A sumptuous spread of local delights was laid out, including Chicken Rice, Braised Pork with Rice, non-spicy Nasi Padang and warm barley.

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See you soon!

Before saying their goodbyes, the children surprised the senior citizens with goodie bags, which they helped to pack earlier on. These were filled with food generously donated by the lovely parents.

mindchamps chinese preschool
The elderly receiving their goodies from the caring parents and kids.

Indeed, it was heart-warming to see the bright smiles and the twinkle in the eyes of all the grannies and grandpas as they enjoyed the performance and the hands-on activity, and simply having our bubbly preschoolers brighten up their day.

mindchamps chinese preschool
The team from MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Tampines Central with centre director Joyce Sun (centre).

Written by S Dharshini Priya


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