“How Our Children Aced PSLE Without Tuition in Singapore!”

December 15, 2017

There’s more to preparing for PSLE in Singapore than merely attending tuition or memorising textbooks.

Many parents are in line with MindChamps PSLE Success‘ approach when they opt to kill the drill approach that is getting less popular by both educators and parents, who instead adopt a different view when it comes to the concept of a good education.

Tuition Centres in Singapore vs MindChamps PSLE SUCCESS

In traditional learning methods practised by tuition centres in Singapore, information transmitted is not fully mastered by students. During the learning process, information taken in is often disconnected with a lot of missing pieces.

Very often, in traditional education systems, students are unable to relate to the learning process. Subjects and whole units are taught in isolation, and the student struggles to join the pieces together into a coherent whole.

At MindChamps PSLE Success, we adopt the MindChamps’ Optimal Flow Method, which is a revolutionary approach to content mastery.

Based on the latest scientific understanding of how the brain lays down, associates and recalls information, the Optimal Flow Method is an effective, efficient and brain-friendly learning method.

Sucess Stories of PSLE Success

Here are some success stories shared by the parents of students who did away with tuition centres in Singapore. Instead, they embraced a more meaningful way of learning about the subjects they were taking during their PSLE.

Student:  Goh Yu Qi

PSLE Achievement:  English, E to B

She has learnt to prioritise her studies and to give her best instead of giving up.

PSLE tuition in singapore

“Yu Qi has always struggled with English in school, and with some family issues happening at home, this has affected her concentration and drive to study, despite it being her PSLE year.

After taking her out of the previous tuition centre and enrolling her for MindChamps’ PSLE programme, we noticed that she has improved in the subject gradually.

We attribute all this to the trainers who constantly encouraged her to do well from the start and for giving her the confidence she needs.

Throughout the entire experience, Yu Qi  has also shown maturity in terms of her thinking as she learns to prioritise her studies and gives her best in everything that she does instead of giving up.”

Ms Li Leng Tan, Mother of Goh Yu Qi

Student:  Azach Chew Ruifeng

PSLE Achievement:  Chinese, D to A and Math, C to A

The trainers played a key role in motivating him to do better and to realise his true potential.

psle tuition singapore

“Azach has always enjoyed Math as a subject in school, but constantly struggles in Chinese as he has little interest in it.

We enrolled him in the MindChamps PSLE programme to help him address his weaknesses in both Math and Chinese, and to achieve a better score in the PSLE.

He found the extra lessons conducted by the trainers to be helpful as these really help to put him in focus to work towards the final exams. The trainers also played a key role in motivating him to do better for both subjects, and to realise his true potential.

For this, we are proud of Azach’s achievements throughout the course of his PSLE journey – all without the help of tuition centres!”

Ms Adeline Chiang, Mother of Azach Chew

Student:  Ng Hong Xun

PSLE Achievement:  English, D to C and Chinese, E to B

He is more motivated to learn, and his scores for English and Chinese have shown great improvement.

tuition singapore

“Languages have always been one of Hong Xun’s weak areas throughout his learning journey in primary school.

Despite attending tuition and enrichment classes for years, he shows little interest in both English and Chinese, and he gets discouraged easily, especially when it comes to challenging tasks.

After attending the MindChamps PSLE programme, we were delighted to see that he is more motivated to learn.

We were also pleasantly surprised to see the huge jump in his Chinese score – this was made possible by the trainer who goes the extra mile to keep things fun and interesting for students to retain their interest in learning the subject.

We are grateful for all the effort put in by the teaching team to motivate the students and help them achieve their target scores.”

Mrs Clarice Ng, Mother of Ng Hong Xun

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 Student:  Enson Yip Sing Zaak

 PSLE Achievement:  Chinese, B to A and Science, D to A

The programme has helped him regain his self-confidence and achieve a good score in the final PSLE exams.

“Enson has been struggling in his studies since P5 as he finds it challenging to take in a huge chunk of information and identify the relevant concepts. That, coupled with tons of worksheets to go through, made him gradually lose interest and confidence in his studies.

Things changed for the better after we enrolled him for the MindChamps PSLE programme. With a well-designed curriculum in place and a team of passionate and committed trainers to guide the students, Enson is now more positive towards learning.

He looks forward to attending the classes and enjoys the hands-on science experiments. Over time, he was able to absorb new concepts and information more effectively as he could better understand what was taught.

This has helped him regain his self-confidence and achieve a good score in the final PSLE exams. A big Thank You to all at MindChamps for guiding Enson throughout his PSLE journey!”

  Ms Chloe Lau, Mother of Enson Yip

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Student:  Harnoor Virdi

PSLE Achievement:  Math, B to A; English, B to A; Science, C to A

She looks forward to attending the classes every week and enjoys the fun hands-on activities.


tuition centre singapore

“We enrolled Harnoor into the MindChamps PSLE programme as we wanted her to develop a regular study routine. We chose MindChamps specifically due to the unique and original teaching method it offers which allows students to learn in a fun and engaging way without being drained while preparing for PSLE.

This is coupled with the fact that her sister, Mehak, had also gone through the programme a few years ago and achieved stellar PSLE results. Like her sister, Harnoor looks forward to attending the classes every week as she enjoys the activities that they get to do in class.

The smaller class sizes also allowed the trainers to interact and engage with the students more effectively and retain their interest in the subject. Beyond achieving success in PSLE, we believe that the programme has helped Harnoor develop confidence in her abilities as she gives her best in everything that she does.”

  Ms Sandeep, Mother of Harnoor Virdi

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