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Introducing MindChamps Reading & Writing Programme

MindChamps Brian Caswell

Developed by International Literacy and Early Childhood Experts with over 300 years of combined experience, MindChamps Reading & Writing Programme is the brainchild of the expert team led by Brian Caswell – Dean of Research and Programme Development, MindChamps.

 Brian has more than 40 years of success in the areas of education and literacy, as well as author of over 100 Reading Books, 110 phonics books and 50-60 novels for young children.

The MindChamps Reading Programme

(3-7 years old)

Building confidence is one of the key focus areas of developing your child into a skilled reader. This involves helping your child by:

  • Generating interest and desire to read – Through positive motivation, your child will develop genuine interest and excitement to read. Since practice makes perfect, the more your child reads, the more fluent he/she will become at it.
  • Giving clear phonics instruction – Word sounds are taught by blending graphemes and phomemes, as part of MindChamps’ formulated Integrated Phonics approach. This enables your child to understand the meaning and context of each word, so he/she becomes more confident in expressing him/her self.
  • Listening and reading comprehension – Using written and oral comprehension techniques, your child will be able to boost his/her understanding of what is being read.
  • Regular feedback – An intricate feedback system is obtained for your child through literacy assessments at the beginning and end of each programme, on a weekly basis. As parents, you will be able to track how well your child is progressing and also serves as a motivational tool to encourage your child to achieve more.
  • Providing support for home learning – Your child will be provided with eBooks an agile tool that enables him/her to practice reading skills at home. For parents, workshops are also conducted for you to learn the best strategies in supporting your child’s reading at home.
Brian with kids
Benefits For Your Child:
  • Greater confidence as a reader
  • More self-assured in sharing his/her opinions in front of peers and teachers
  • More self-confident when speaking in front of an audience or during public speaking
  • Life-long passion for reading and writing in school and life
  • Improved critical thinking and analytical skills

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8 Essential Literacy Skills

MindChamps Literacy Cycle

Supports effective learning and interaction with words used in reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Develops logical thinking through sequential understanding, asking the right questions and using theatrical strategies to make words come alive

Meaningful reading activities teach your child to hear and remember sounds in different contexts. He/she will also have a good sense of sound and words while writing.

MindChamps unique “Say and Sing Phonics” method helps your child master connection between symbols and sounds (phonics)

To familiarize your child with natural flow and rhythm of the language through rhyme, rhythm, repetition and songs

Mastery of vocabulary is made fun and easy through stories, rhymes and alliteration

Your child will cultivate better understanding of how words in a sentence ‘fit together’ through sharing of conversations, songs, poems, stories and ideas verbally

Your child will develop more love and enjoyment for reading if he/she is more actively engaged and enjoys the process of reading. This love for reading will also lead to natural progression in love for writing

MindChamps Reading

Special Promotion at Holland Village

First 20 sign-ups will enjoy 15% savings for the 1st module when you enrol your child at MindChamps Reading & Writing @ Holland Village

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  • Valid till 31 Jul 2017
  • Valid for new enrolments
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MindChamps 3-Mind Learning Approach

What sets MindChamps Reading & Writing apart from other enrichment programmes is our unique learning approach that provides your child with comprehensive mastery in his/her literacy abilities. Breaking away from the limitations of learning by rote, our programme focuses on developing your child’s 3 key areas for effective cognitive learning:

MindChamps Champion Mind

Champion Mind

Mastery of a skilled and confident reader & writer requires having the right mindset, as well as emotional resilience towards achieving the goal of strong literacy. Your child will learn the right attitude and habits to help develop his/her potential to excel in reading and writing well.

MindChamps Learning Mind

Learning Mind

Your child will learn practical “How-to” strategies and techniques to help him/her actively understand, store, recall, and synthesize information and concepts to read and write better

MindChamps Creative Mind

Creative Mind

By learning how to use their imagination and connecting multiple perspectives to generate new ideas, your child will develop more love and passion to become a better reader and writer.

Have you ever tried to determine your child’s literacy competency?

At MindChamps, we believe that every child is a gift and learns best when he/she is placed in a reading & writing level that suits his/her needs. This will make the learning journey more enjoyable and enable your child to excel. Using the MindChamps Literacy Assessment, we will help you identify your child’s ability profile through the following 6 tasks:

Writing Vocabulary

Letter/Alphabetic Symbols Identification

Hearing and Recording Sounds in Words

Accuracy and Errors made when Reading Text

Concepts about Books, Print, Letters and Words

Understand and Read Most Frequently Occurring Words

Click HERE to arrange for a literacy assessment to determine your child’s literacy level. After the assessment, your child will be placed in the most suitable reading programme, based on his/her current reading level.

Click HERE to arrange for a literacy assessment to determine your child’s literacy level. After the assessment, your child will be placed in the most suitable reading programme, based on his/her current reading level.

Levels in the Programme

MindChamps Joey Programme

Joey Programme (Beginners)

The Joey Programme is all about giving your child the best foundation for reading. Like a Joey in a Kangaroo’s pouch, Joeys are introduced to literacy in a cosy, safe and happy way. In every lesson, Joeys will experience the four key essentials of language development – reading, pre-writing, speaking and listening. All lessons are presented using techniques that enable children to learn in the best way – multi-sensorial activities, creativity building and fun! Joeys will learn to listen to their teacher, read rich literature and be lead through a series of verbal comprehension questions to develop understanding and higher order thinking skills. They will also learn songs, rhymes and poems to develop strong phonemic awareness. Pre-writing activities include pattern making and preformation of letters. Joeys are supported and nurtured as we lead them to discover the very best in educational and traditional English literature, so that their passion for reading is ignited.

Developmental Outcomes of the Joey Programme
The reading process in the Joey programme involves extensive exposure to high quality literature and modelling of reading strategies. Patterns and rhythms found in stories are introduced to the Joeys in an enjoyable and developmentally appropriate way. This lays the foundation of early literacy concepts and sets a research proven framework for future reading success.

At the end of the programme, Joeys will develop the following abilities:

  • Recognise letters and sounds of the alphabet
  • Develop comprehension skills through multi-sensorial experiences
  • Expand their use of spoken
  • Vocabulary
  • Tell and re-tell stories confidently
  • Write own name and 3 & 4 letter words (guided penmanship)
  • Understand the fundamental concepts about print, such as capital letters and some punctuation
MindChamps Panda Programme

Panda Programme (Intermediate)

Just like an excited and inquisitive Panda Cub, your child will be making new discoveries in literacy and will be keen to have lots of practise. We know that your child’s future learning success depends upon them developing the best strategies for reading and getting the right kind of practise. Every Panda Cub will be immersed in the English language by practising the 4 key essentials of language development – reading, writing, speaking and listening. Pandas will listen to a wide range of text formats, read stories by themselves, talk and write about that they have read. All of this is done with a range of activities that are fun and stimulate creativity and higher order-thinking. Modelling correct reading behaviours is crucial at this stage. This is why MindChamps teachers give the best examples to the Panda Cubs to learn from. Rest assured that Panda Cubs will expand their written and spoken vocabulary, receive solid phonics foundations and be exposed to new types and styles of text.

Developmental Outcomes of the Panda Programme
Panda Cubs will be actively involved in discussions – an activity that involves both oral (speaking) and receptive (listening) skill sets. Their inquisitive mind will be encouraged, so that they speak confidently and share experiences with their teachers and peers.

At the end of the programme, Panda Cubs will develop the following abilities:

  • Use extensive spoken vocabulary
  • Write about personal experiences using correct grammar and punctuation marks
  • Identify digraphs
  • Appreciate and narrate stories in their own words
  • Respond to questions and participate in discussion confidently
  • Develop strong comprehension skills
MindChamps Dolphin Programme

Dolphin Programme (Advanced)

Dolphin Calves are ready to take reading to a whole new level. Dolphins are growing braver and are taking more risks in their literacy journey. They will discover that language can be used for many purposes and presented in countless ways. Dolphin Calves are always ready to practise the 4 key essentials of language development – reading, writing, speaking and listening. They are encouraged to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings verbally or in the written form. They are independent readers and will learn how to verbally express a connection between themes and ideas by relating to their own experiences.

Developmental Outcomes in the Dolphin Programme

The dolphin programme focusses on the Dolphin Calves’ ability to read books confidently with active understanding.

At the end of the programme, Dolphin Calves show abilities such as:

  • Read comprehension passages
  • Use correct punctuation marks, grammar structures, pronouns, conjunctions and adverbial phases
  • Pen down ideas, feelings and information
  • Compose own stories comprising of simple sentences
  • Read confidently with active understanding

Our Champs’ Spotlight

Confident of Himself

After attending MindChamps Reading, my son is more confident of himself speaking in groups and in front of his peers – his shyness is gone. We have also been reading together every night before his bedtime. This has become our bonding time, especially since I’m working during the day. Be it reading, speaking or writing, MindChamps Reading definitely helps him in a way which I can’t do by myself at home.

Serene Seah
Parent of Xavier Chua

Improved Literacy Skills

We enrolled Zelene into MindChamps Reading after seeing great improvement in her cousins who were taking other programs in MindChamps. Zelene was very happy after her first lesson and was very much looking forward to her next lesson. We are really satisfied with her improvement; she has opened up and talks more about her classmates and teachers, her English literacy skills have also improved greatly, and she is now more independent than before

Bai Jian Liang
Parent of Zelene Bai

Comprehend Text Better

Kayden is now receptive to writing and is able to comprehend texts better. He is more vocally expressive and highly sensitive to the print environment. He has grown more confident in decoding new words in books and on signages. He always looks forward to the MindChamps Reading lessons and enjoys immersing himself in the interactive, dramatic and engaging world of stories and has not only improved his English writing skills but also his thinking skills as well.

Pauline Yong & Jeffery Chee
Parent of Kayden Chee

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Special Promotion at Holland Village

First 20 sign-ups will enjoy 15% savings for the 1st module when you enrol your child at MindChamps Reading & Writing @ Holland Village

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid till 31 Jul 2017
  • Valid for new enrolments
  • Registration fees applicable for new sign-up
  • Not to be used in conjunction with other promotions or discounts
  • Other terms & conditions apply