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With a floor area of 15,000 sq ft, MindChamps PreSchool @ Punggol Northshore features eight learning concept areas within this large space: Outdoor Aqua-Phonics Garden, Indoor Mind Gym, Imagination Room, Chinese Cultural Corridor, Champion Library, Outdoor Experiential Classroom, Motor-Skills Playground, and a fully-equipped Gourmet Moments Room.

The centre is surrounded by a natural landscape and a busy yacht club managed by the Punggol Marina Country Club that faces a stunning waterfront. In this idyllic environment, your little Champ will explore, learn, and discover the world around them.

Curriculum Designed for Holistic Development

The MindChamps curriculum nurtures an all-round development for your child. Through cutting-edge pedagogy carefully designed to promote cognitive and physical development, children are moulded into young Champions ready for the challenges of the world. Our curriculum is based on the ‘S.M.I.L.E.S.’™ Methodology that brings together four distinct domains: Neuroscience, Child Psychology, Theatre, and Education. We focus on experiential learning that fosters the development of Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social skills. 

We place an emphasis not only on academics, but on your child’s character and moral development. They become children, and eventually adults, who have a strong moral compass that guides that throughout their lives.


The MindChamp way ensures your child is given the optimal environment, so they build a strong foundation during the critical early years of preschool. In this way, they reach key milestones and can confidently progress to advanced stages that require a more complex set of skills. 

Our educators are required to undergo up to 200 hours of compulsory training and accreditation. This is so your child is nurtured only by qualified and dedicated teachers.


About Enrichment Programmes

At MindChamps PreSchool @ Punggol, we offer the following enrichment programmes:

Why Choose MindChamps PreSchool @ Punggol Northshore?

If you live in Punggol, Sengkang, Hougang, Seletar or Tampines, MindChamps PreSchool @ Punggol Northshore is the perfect preschool for your child. It is conveniently located close to the different public transport systems within Punggol: Samudera LRT Station (PW4), along the Punggol LRT line, is a 7-minute walk away and allows you to gain access to the North East MRT line. 

Punggol Point Park, Punggol Waterway Park and Coney Island are also within the neighbourhood so you can take your little one for a walk or to cycle after school. 

Find out more about our preschool in Punggol by booking a visit or by simply reaching out to us and speaking to one of our educarers.

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Welcome to MindChamps PreSchool @ Punggol Northshore, a warm, loving and fun place where our Champs are taking small steps to learn about the big world! Here we respect each Champ as a unique individual, as we celebrate and marvel at their achievement on every single day.

The centre is driven by a team of passionate, professional, dedicated and well-experienced early childhood educators that embody the values of MindChamps. They are the heart and soul of the centre. You will be able to see how the team applies love and creativity to nurture every Champ into a confident and unique individual.

The centre cultivates an interactive and respectful relationship with all our Champion parents to build a strong learning community. We work towards a fostering a strong partnership with parents to create a loving, supportive and nurturing environment for our Champs’ development, and we look forward to connecting and engaging with all parents along the way.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child’s growth and development and let us share the wonderful journey together!

Parents' Reviews


It’s very exciting when you see your kids talk about the things that they feel happy about especially since En Xi has been a very reserved kid. So for her to express herself, it really means a lot. There is this technique called Spelling Secrets which she felt so excited about that she came home to tell me immediately about it. As a parent having come this far with her, it’s very inspiring to see this change.If you are looking for a place where the school recognises the kids for who they are and trying to bring the best out of them, definitely MindChamps PreSchool is the place to go to.

Ms Rei Wang
Parent of Ong En Xi

There were some pre-school options that we could choose from but upon walking into MindChamps PreSchool, we saw how clean the centre was and how happy all the kids were so we felt that this was the place for our kids.Both our girls love coming to MindChamps PreSchool every morning so much that they run in, drop their bags, take their temperature and jump right into their routine. In fact on the first day when I came to pick my elder daughter up from school, she cried because she didn’t want to go home – it was a sign of how much fun she was having in school.

Kevin & Louise Donaghey
Parents of Trinity & Zara

Since I didn’t have any friends with pre-school children, I researched online to find the best pre-school for my son Neel – MindChamps PreSchool has very good reviews from many parents.For the past 4 months he has been in MindChamps, he interacts with me more when he comes home. He speaks in full sentences with proper language structure instead of mincing up his words. He has also improved a lot in terms of conveying exactly how he is feeling, whether he is happy or sad.

Ms Roy Adithi
Parent of Neel Aarav

Mr and Mrs Adrian Ruzsicska remember fondly the one thing that made them decide to place their daughters, Caithlyn and Natalie, in MindChamps PreSchool. They were impressed with how the curriculum strike a good balance between the academic, creative and social aspects. Mr and Mrs Ruzsicska also praised the teachers for their commitment in ensuring that their children’s needs are met, while working closely with them to gain a better understanding of the girls’ learning styles and personalities.

Mr and Mrs Adrian Ruzsicska
parents of Caithlyn and Natalie

Ms Natalia Nesterenko, mother of Sophia shares that she was drawn to MindChamps PreSchool due to the emphasis the school places on providing a high quality preschool education. She also loves how preschoolers are engaged through fun and interesting activities, as this helps to build a love in learning from a young age.
When asked what she loves the most about school, her daughter Sophia said that she loves “everything” – especially the warm, caring and nurturing teachers.

Ms Natalia Nesterenko
Mother of Sophia

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