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We pride ourselves in maintaining a clean and safe learning environment for our Champs. A daily health check is a necessity and highly regarded. Child-appropriate furniture and safety features are used within the school.

A spacious indoor gym sits in the midst of our school, adding vibrance and excitement to our Champs’ learning atmosphere. With a high ceiling and a variety of soft gym equipment, it is no wonder that our Champs leave this place feeling exhilarated. Our classrooms comprise of six learning zones. Meaningful and engaging activities can be found within the learning zones and Champs’ work display adorns the classroom interior.

We are also delighted to share that we have a team of qualified and dedicated teachers. We value one another through mutual respect, openness in our communication and ethos of integrity; traits we would like our Champs to emulate too. Putting our Champs first, we constantly strive to make the learning journey of our Champs an enriching and meaningful one.

With a team of nurturing and caring professionals, coupled with a conducive learning environment, we warmly invite a partnership with you. Let us uncover and bring about the Champion in your precious one.  Call us today!

Getting here

MindChamps PreSchool @ Woodlands is nestled conveniently within walking distance or two bus-stops from Admiralty MRT. For family members who drive, the location of our school on the ground floor allows ease of drop-off and pick-ups. Parking spaces are plentiful and they are located just in front of our school’s entrance.

Parents’ Preferred PreSchool

MindChamps PreSchool offers learning and enrichment programmes for children from 18 months to 6 years old, in the playgroup, nursery and kindergarten levels.

Our unique ‘S.M.I.L.E.S.’™ methodology brings together Research & Development from the 3 distinct domains of Neuroscience, Child Psychology and Theatre, synthesised with Education. Our bilingual curriculum nurtures all aspects of your preschool child’s development, facilitating the transition from preschool to primary school.

The curriculum is specifically designed to provide a wide variety of activities that prepare children for the change in teaching styles, relationships, environment and routine when they enter primary school.


In fact, every MindChamps Kindergarten 2 class experiences the theme ‘Here I Come, P1!’ in its final two terms.

We are the only preschool where teachers, regardless of previous qualification or experience, undergo up to 200 hours of compulsory training and accreditation. This ensures that your child’s mind is nurtured by superbly qualified and dedicated teachers.

Find out why MindChamps is more than just any childcare centre and might just be the best preschool for your little Champ!


PRESCHOOL PROMOTIONEnjoy 15% savings on school fees for the first 12 months

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    Parents' Reviews


    Ethan has been with MindChamps for more than a year and we are really happy with the school and teachers for being patient and dedicated in teaching him. We observed that he is independent and has improved academically and in his social skills. Most importantly, we can sense that he is now enjoying his time in school and the teachers, Miss Mala & Yu laoshi really care for him. With the teachers’ guidance and encouragement, Ethan performs certain tasks on his own. He has also cultivated good reading habits and we see him flipping through storybooks on his own initiative at home. We are pleasantly surprised that he is able to pick up and read several Chinese words now. He also enjoys doing his art and craft at home and he absolutely loves to draw. We appreciate that the school often lets him bring back his work and he likes to innocently show them off! The updates from school via email are informative and regular. Likewise, on his communications book, the teachers really take the effort to write on all that concerns our child. We are really happy to enroll him in MindChamps PreSchool and we are confident that he will continue to do well and enjoy his classes!

    Cindy and Edmund
    Parents of Ethan Goh Zhen Kai

    We are looking for a pre-school that has a strong team of experienced teachers who could assure us that they are confident in helping our son overcome his apprehensions. We discovered MindChamps Preschool @ Woodlands. During our visit, we shared our concerns and Mr Lester. Himself, together with Ms Theresa and Ms Azlin, assured us that Dillon would be in good hands. True to their words, they have journeyed through numerous highs and lows with us and have proven their abilities beyond expectation. Today, Dillon has blossomed into a confident, articulate and sociable boy who enjoys going to pre-school. We truly owe these achievements to the teachers who continue to play a role in Dillon’s development. In particular, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ms Azlin who goes above and beyond her call of duty and works tirelessly with us to ensure that Dillon has a fun yet effective learning experience as a pre-schooler.

    Jayanthie and Ram
    Parents of Dillon Prakesh

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