The Day Our Kids Survived a Night in the “Wild”!

July 10, 2019

Most of us have gone for a day trip to the zoo – but have you ever wondered what it’d be like to spend the night there amongst the wild animals?

That’s exactly what our K1 and K2 preschoolers from MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street got to experience as they embarked on an exciting overnight camp at Singapore Zoo!

Curious to find out what exactly did the children get up to during their overnight camp?

Do read on for some highlights from their adventure at the Zoo.

Don’t worry, no animals or bugs were harmed throughout the course of their 2-day, 1-night stay.

‘Snake’-tacular species at Reptopia

mindchamps cecil street
An up-close encounter with the Bearded Dragon and White Snake at RepTopia

The fun and excitement kicked off for the preschoolers from MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street at RepTopia, which is home to over 60 species of reptiles and amphibians.

While one of the key highlights of this zone for kids come in the form of a dome built into the regal horned lizard exhibit where they get to experience an up-close encounter with the lizards, our preschoolers were treated to an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience where they got to touch and learn more about the bearded dragon and white snake.

The children were curious to learn more about these reptiles and showed no fear when it comes to touching them.

mindchamps cecil street
Riding the python!

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Saying Hello to our furry friends!

mindchamps cecil street
Coming together for a photo op with their furry friends!

Can cats and dogs get along? And will the cats stop picking on the mice?

Through the Animal Friends Show at the zoo, the children discovered that it is possible for all these domesticated animals to live harmoniously together and help each other out. They also learnt more about the special traits of each animal and grabbed the opportunity to snap a photo with the dogs at the end of the show.

Camping through the night with the manatees

While the children are used to sleeping on their comfy beds at night, being on this overnight camp at the zoo meant that they had to adjust to an environment that is different than the one that they are used to.

mindchamps cecil street
Learning to pitch their own tent, before snuggling in for a good night’s sleep.

This started off with them learning to pitch their own tent in the manatee enclosure – after which they settled down to spend the night with the graceful and gentle creatures lulling them to sleep.

mindchamps cecil street
The children saying goodnight to the manatees.

For some of the preschoolers from MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street, this was their first time spending the night away from their parents. Despite being away from the comforts of their parents and bedrooms, they sailed through the experience and enjoyed their overnight learning journey in the company of their teachers, their friends and the animals at the zoo.

Well done, Champs!

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Written by Justina Goh


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