Tuition Or Enrichment Classes – which is a better choice for your child?

July 9, 2019

In Singapore, it is very common to see children attending after-school classes from as young as kindergarten. These after-school classes are highly sought after by parents who perceive the extra lessons to be both academically and emotionally beneficial for their children.

Many times when parents have been asked for their opinions on sending their children to these classes, the answers vary from not wanting their children to lose out in primary school to helping their children keep abreast of the rigorous curriculum and the fast-paced teaching that they may face at school.

However, there are some differences between these two options and they should not be confused to be of equivalent needs for your child’s learning process.

Class sizes are different for enrichment and tuition classes 

In a tutoring session, class size can range from one to at least 10 students in a class. Compare this to an enrichment class, where class sizes usually fall between five to twenty students in a shared facility where students can access materials and equipment equally.

Even within tuition classes, there are some differences. Arrangements can be made for a private tutor to have a 1-on-1 session with your child on a regular basis with some flexibility in timing, or the session can be outsourced to a tuition centre where classes are fixed and scheduled, along with other students who require assistance in their learning.

Unlike tuition, enrichment programmes tend to be done under a group setting in a specific location at a specific time.

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Enrichment classes complement learning while tuition has closer guidelines

Most enrichment programmes are developed around areas of interest that a child might want to pursue, with a clear purpose in mind in the development of a particular skill set, such as creative writing or reading programmes with phonics.

Rather than return to the academic subjects that the child may already be proficient in, enrichment classes, such as the MindChamps Thinking Cap Programme allow kids to explore hidden talents and exciting activities that they do not get a chance to pursue in school, while still helping to hone skills that will be beneficial to them.

Tuition classes, on the other hand, tend to be more academically focused and help to reinforce learning in the subjects that the children are taught at school.

Knowing your child’s needs will help you choose between enrichment classes and tuition

Prior to enrolling your child to either enrichment or tuition class, it is necessary to understand the intentions that drive your decision. For a child who is struggling to cope with the daily rigour of the lessons at school, tuition classes may cater to his needs by boosting his subject knowledge in areas where he is lacking.

Sometimes, a group setting may not be suitable if he is unable to focus with the distraction around him, so a private-hired tutor would be more suitable in this case. A child who is coping well at school will not need tuition classes.

Instead, he should be looking at enrichment classes that can promote his skills in other non-academic areas, which can make a direct impact on his academic progress. Speech and drama is one avenue that can foster confidence in a child to cope with presenting in front of an audience. This would be an important skill to have, considering schools are promoting Show-And-Tell as a form of assessments these days.

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Decision time

Regardless of where you intend to enrol your child, having all the information handy and ready may be your best friend yet. In order to make an informed decision, due diligence must be done into the efficacy of each programme and to ensure that it suits your child’s learning needs.

Here are some programmes by MindChamps which you may want to consider:

1. Speech and Drama

Champion Mindset Theatre Programme is a world-class Performing Arts programme that develops children’s confidence, collaboration and creativity. ACA Kids is a collaboration between Actors Centre Australia and MindChamps.

2. Creative Writing Classes for Primary School Students

The MindChamps Writing Programme for primary school students enhances the MOE STELLAR curriculum, developing the understanding and creative aspects of writing in students.

The MindChamps Reading Programme serves to instil a deep love of reading in kids, helping them learn the language organically.

4. Integrated Enrichment Programmes for Primary 1 and 2

The MindChamps Academy is an integrated enrichment programme that uses proprietary learning techniques to inculcate skills, attitudes and values in our students.

5. Primary Success Programmes for Primary 3 to 6

Stay ahead of the curve with our Primary Success Programme for upper primary students to build stronger concepts and in-depth subject knowledge.

6. Active Learning Enrichment for Primary 3 to 6

Help your child to stop struggling and start learning effectively with the MindChamps Thinking Cap Programme which takes upper primary students through the new PSLE requirements.

Click on the corresponding links above to find out more about MindChamps’ enrichment programmes and to enrol your child for the next term!

Written by JoBeth Williams