From Preschool to Primary School: Worth-It Enrichment Classes in Singapore to Consider for your Kids

April 26, 2019

With such a varied list of enrichment classes for children in Singapore, where does an interested parent start?

Depending on your aims and objectives in sending your children for enrichment classes, you have many different options to consider. Here, we look at some of the more popular options of enrichment classes that can help support your child from preschool all the way to primary school.

Reading and Phonics Programmes For Kids

Teaching children early literacy skills is crucial. According to the International Literacy Association, “the single most important activity for building knowledge for their eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children”. We know that reading is crucial to children’s overall development as well as their future success in school.

A good reading programme should help to promote reading and nurture a real love for reading among children. They will learn how to choose books they enjoy and be encouraged to read increasingly more advanced books instead of staying in their comfort zone with simple readers. To this end, phonics is often an integral part of reading programmes to empower children to read independently.

A programme like the MindChamps Reading Programme works side by side with the MOE curriculum to lend your children a boost in school. With clear phonics instruction, positive motivation and regular feedback, your children will soon find themselves reading like champions!

If you are unsure whether your children are coping with the pace of reading in school, you can book a complimentary literacy assessment with MindChamps to get them assessed before committing to a reading programme suited to their literacy level.

Research shows that children are ready to start phonics programmes when they have reached a certain milestone. Find out what it is here!

Speech and Drama Enrichment Classes

Speech and drama classes have always been popular but are enjoying a renewed renaissance, as more parents see the extended value of these classes as a safe space for their children to take risks and build self-confidence.

Speech and drama enrichment classes not only foster self-confidence and clarity of speech in children, but they also encourage children to stretch their imagination, as well as enable confident and articulate expression. All of these are vital for future success in school and beyond, manifesting as empathy, communication and presentation skills, among others.

Actors Centre Kids, a programme powered by MindChamps, offers much more than mere speech and drama. It is a comprehensive theatre programme for kids that rests upon three pillars: confidence, creativity and collaboration, where children can thrive and overcome their fears and worries.

Click here to find out more about the Actors Centre Kids curriculum – and enrol your child for the next term!

Creative Writing for Kids

Writing is another valuable life skill that many parents may find difficult to reinforce at home in a positive way. After all, many of us were raised in a ‘drill and kill’ academic environment which sapped us of any interest in creative writing.

However, it is certainly not too late to inculcate a joy of writing in our children! Through creative writing classes like the MindChamps Writing Programme, children will develop a passion and self-confidence for writing, while growing their vocabulary banks and internalising grammar rules without explicit teaching.

Find out how MindChamps Writing utilises a set of “writing tools” to help children unravel and master the mysteries of writing – and book a complimentary literacy assessment for your child here!

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Academic Support Enrichment Classes

Without the building blocks of learning, it is difficult for children to get their heads around the concept of studying. They may find that the learning process has gotten less intuitive and much more difficult, especially in the transition from kindergarten to primary school.

Enter MindChamps Academy and the Thinking Cap programme. These enrichment classes aim to equip primary school students with MindChamps’ proprietary learning techniques to make learning fun, easy, and uncomplicated. Our students are able to utilise these techniques in school with confidence and assuredness.

On the other hand, MindChamps’ Primary Success programme helps to build stronger concepts and in-depth subject knowledge in English, Chinese, Maths and Science for children in Primary 3 to 5. This is done by creating an optimal learning environment and utilising a unique teaching approach that stimulates thinking and allows students to better synthesise knowledge and recall information in the four subjects which promotes better understanding.

For P6 students who are nervous about the upcoming big examinations, the MindChamps PSLE Success programme might be a good option for them. So much more than just a traditional tuition class, the MindChamps PSLE Success turns away from rote learning, empowering students with the Optimal Flow Method™, a strategy for children to better understand concepts and subjects.

To find out more about how the programmes above can help to support your child in their academic learning journey during the primary school years, click on the featured links to find out more!

Written by JoBeth Williams