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With 13,000 sqft of indoor space, Serangoon is MindChamps’ second largest preschool and is managed by a highly dedicated team that was presented with the Passionate & Committed award in 2013! Our well-equipped center provides a safe and conducive learning environment for our Champs to build their physical, intellectual and social selves. Our spacious classrooms, gymnasium and playground are designed to provide our Champs with ample space to express their movement and creativity.

Our teaching team and enrichment specialists deliver the curriculum with dedication to nurture your child to achieve their full potential. The premise has sheltered parking spaces and is conveniently located within 5 minutes’ walk from Lorong Chuan MRT and near to NEX shopping mall. Besides the Serangoon area, we are easily accessible from Toa Payoh, Ang Mo Kio and have 3 school buses servicing these areas as well as Hougang, SengKang and Punggol.

151 Lorong Chuan #03-06 New Tech Park (Lobby F) Singapore 556741 (Lorong Chuan MRT)

+65 6281 5638

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Since Clavious began her pre-school at three years old, as her parents, we had severe challenges and difficulties in forming good impressions of other learning centres. Changing schools proved to be a stressful and tiring process for both our child and us.

Then it all changed, for the better.

I remember clearly how Clavious was able to settle down quickly at MindChamps; the kind patience and understanding, most importantly how the educators approached my daughter,helped her build confidence daily.

These intricate aspects convinced us that MindChamps will help Clavious learn well. She will also learn to be a sociable, responsible, cheerful and outgoing child who enjoys going to school every day.

Today, I can still see the same kind effort from all the educators being secured for all the children, and this must be a continuous process to solidify the right framework for a learning centre. For children to enjoy learning and foreducators to be motivated,constantly improving themselves to value MindChamps as a leading example to the rest of the learning centres in Singapore.

From our own experience, be it a normal learning day, or an event organised by MindChamps for us parents to participate, MindChamps never fails to let us see how much effort is put into the learning centre, because it is always so organised, neat and tidy, and clean and brightly lit.They always impress us with the children’s contributions they put up as decorations to make the Centre warm and welcoming.

I would like to thank Miss Mei and Michelle, and all the professionals in MindChamps for all their hard work and contributions in making MindChamps a learning centre we can be proud of. We are proud that Clavious is a part of this PreSchool. Keep up the good work!”

Louis Ng & Melissa Tan Parents of Clavious Ng

When my husband and I were looking for a preschool for Ethan, quality and location were our utmost concern. We wanted a place that is readily accessible, and yet it offers a nurturing environment for the child. We were drawn to MindChamps for its specially developed curriculum to engage the child in both mind, body and spirit (the arts).

We chose MindChamps PreSchool @ Serangoon due to its spacious grounds and we particularly like its large gym and play area. The Centre also looks very bright and clean. We are very pleased with the progress that Ethan has made to date, thanks to the efforts of the teachers and Centre’s personnel in settling him in and engaging him in the activities. He enjoys going to school now!

Parent of Ethan Lim

We chose Mindchamps Preschool @ Serangoon for our daughter as she seemed very happy with the environment from the day we first visited. Although she had some difficulty settling in due to the new languages and of course due to her never having been on her own, we always felt supported by her teachers as well as Michelle and Mei in finding suitable arrangements. We could quickly trust them in taking good care of our girl.

Mindchamps Preschool offers a broad learning experience complemented by soft skills and play, which proves important for our decision. Our daughter enjoys the daily routines and most of all, the music and gym sessions. And we, as parents,look forward to the weekly newsletter that informs us about the happenings in her playgroup.

Parent of Noeke Paula Anna

Our daughter Rheea started with Mindchamps PreSchool @ Serangoon in 2014 and has since been blossoming since. Her shy nature has undergone a pleasant change to an outgoing and self-confident little Champ.

At Mindchamps she is recognised for her ability to complete tasks and work well with other students. I could not ask for a more caring environment for her. Not only does she excel in communication, she is getting that one-on-one attention that she needed. Teachers Ms Serene and Fang laoshi are an absolute delight. They sincerely care about their Champs’ development in every aspect. Being Moms themselves, the teachers are exemplary for both Rheea and us new parents. This holistic approach in the curriculum and programmes is evident in her development each and every day.

The family-like atmosphere is welcoming and comforting to the extent that even my hard-to warm up daughter is having fun and feeling at home. Our little baby is well on her way to becoming a little lady. It’s a blessed feeling knowing that my daughter is in the right hands.

MindChamps continues to impress us through our little Champion. A special thanks to Ms Michelle who goes above and beyond in updating me on my Rheea’s progress regularly.

Michelle Mother of Rheea Aurora

When Desiree was approaching 18 months old, we started sourcing for a suitable childcare for her. We visited a few schools near our home but did not shortlist any, as the centres were either too dark or looked cramped. When we visited MindChamps, we knew immediately that this was where we wanted our daughter to start her education in. The Centre was spacious and looked bright. Most importantly, the children looked happy.

Over a year has passed and I must say, we never regretted our decision. The school has nurtured Desiree into a little girl who is well read and effectively bilingual. I was quite impressed when my now three-year-old suddenly took out a stack of Chinese poems, and started reciting them confidently with understanding, expression and tone that conveyed the life in the poems. We are a mainly English speaking family but she started initiating conversations in Mandarin. Without doubt, the school and her Chinese teachers have done a great job in developing her keen interest in the language, which many children shy away from.

We are also satisfied with the curriculum that MindChamps offers, through such programmes as Music for the Mind™ and the MindChamps Reading programme. It is evident that the activities in school have fuelled her strong interest in reading and also piqued her curiosity in the things around her. We do not take for granted when we hear our pre-schooler telling us in a comprehending tone that vegetables come from the Earth. Often, conversations with her reveal such knowledge that her teachers have imparted to her.

With this, I would like to end off by saying a big Thank You to Ms Michelle, Ms Mei, all the staff in MindChamps PreSchool @ Serangoon and most importantly, her teachers Ms Sheena and Li laoshi of N1A, and previously Ms Sheree in PG, who have played an important role in nurturing her into an independent and confident, yet compassionate girl whom she now is.

Eunice Boo Mother of Desiree Kong

Estovan has become more independent after attending MindChamps PreSchool @ Serangoon. With dedicated care from the teachers, he now looks forward school everyday. He has made a lot of good friends in class. His Mandarin has improved tremendously after spending time with his Chinese teacher. He loves the excursions organised by the school. In general, we are very glad that we chose MindChamps PreSchool @ Serangoon and will continue to support the school even for our next child.

Bryan Cheah & Estina Chong Parents of Estovan Reizo Cheah


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