Preschools in the CBD – A Handy List of Childcare Centres Near Your Workplace

January 8, 2019

Many parents work in the Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore. With hectic work schedules, it is very handy for your children to be enrolled in preschools located near the workplace so that you can pick up and drop off your children quickly and conveniently.

Here is a list of MindChamps PreSchools in central locations that may be easily accessible to your place of work.

MindChamps PreSchool @ Liang Court

Liang Court is a well-known shopping mall in River Valley and is served by a new MRT station on the Downtown Line. Perched high above the hustle and bustle of the mall, MindChamps PreSchool @ Liang Court can be found on the fifth floor.

With its brightly coloured walls and dedicated indoor play space, this preschool is warm and welcoming to all our children. It also boasts a specialised Gourmet Room and a Gym Room to help build our children’s holistic skills and abilities, instead of only focusing on the academic. Our preschoolers are gifted with the opportunity to stretch their wings and grow more independent through the development of these special skills.

MindChamps PreSchool @ Liang Court also has a wonderfully diverse cohort of students who come from countries all over the world. Thus, preschoolers at this centre have a great chance to learn about their classmates’ unique cultures and traditions.

Address: #05-01, River Valley Road, Liang Court, Singapore 179030

Contact: 6338 3002

Email: [email protected]

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What Parents Are Saying about This Preschool in the CBD:

“We are grateful for the advice, telephone calls and emails from the teachers and staff as they update us about Emmanuel’s progress. Each week, we look forward to reading and seeing the photographs of Emmanuel doing his learning activities at MindChamps. We can see how focused Emmanuel looked in the photographs, and the amount of time, effort and materials that have gone into preparing the lessons by the teachers to make the lessons engaging, interesting and educational. Thank you again for working closely with us as parents.”

– Mr and Mrs Teo, parents of Emmanuel Teo

MindChamps PreSchool @ Marina Square

Located directly in the true heart of the city, MindChamps PreSchool at Marina Square cannot get any more convenient for parents working around the area.

Parents who are keen for their children to breathe fresh air, good news! Due to its location, our preschoolers have access to Marina Square’s beautiful sunlit garden at this childcare centre in the CBD. You can often find our teachers hosting reading sessions and delightful afternoon teas in the dappled shade of the garden.

On days when weather is not so accommodating, the children can enjoy a roaring good time in the centre’s padded gym or even at the indoor playground on the third level of the mall, where they can choose between sensory play or climbing around the play structures in air-conditioned comfort.

Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-213, Marina Square, Singapore 039594

Contact: 6333 0331

Email: [email protected]

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What Parents Are Saying about This Preschool in the CBD:

MindChamps PreSchool @ Marina Square is the one that every parent will want for their child. Every morning, when we leave Isabel in their care, we feel very secure and comfortable as we know that she is in good hands. We are always welcomed and greeted with warm smiles from the teachers and staff. This is the ‘love’ environment that we want our daughter to grow up in. Communication between teachers and parents is amazing!”

– Sharon, mother of Isabel Ann Teo

MindChamps PreSchool @ One Raffles Place

Many parents might be unsure about a childcare centre in the CBD, wondering if their children will really be able to enjoy greenery and fresh air. MindChamps PreSchool @ One Raffles Place delivers both in spades.

We know that outdoor time is crucial to a child’s development. Hence, this MindChamps PreSchool centre boasts a beautiful outdoor play space of up to 2,000 square feet. The play structure is made of classically weathered wood, designed specifically to be welcoming to little hands and feet. Our preschoolers will want to master every obstacle in our playground, which helps to develop their motor skills.

A rooftop garden nurtures children’s interest in natural elements as they learn to coexist with nature and providing a green backdrop in the midst of the city skyline.

Address: 1 Raffles Place, Tower 1, #06-00, Singapore 048616

Contact: 6802 5838 / 9687 6377

Email: [email protected]

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MindChamps Chinese PreSchool @ Cecil Street

This is the first and only Chinese immersion preschool in the CBD. Why enrol your child in a Chinese immersion school, you may ask? Research shows that children need to use a new language for 30% of their waking time in order to master it. Many parents speak only English at home and express frustration that their children are facing difficulty mastering Chinese. Perhaps MindChamps Chinese Preschool @ Cecil Street is the solution for your family.

Our spacious classrooms are filled with interactive elements such as bean bags, soft tunnels and balance beams, as well as vividly coloured decorations to stimulate your children’s love of learning. In our Chinese PreSchools, children are able to gain a new and lasting appreciation of Chinese culture through crafts, directed play and creative activities led by a core group of dedicated educators.

Many parents have noted gladly that their children have developed a much stronger grasp of the Chinese language after attending MindChamps Chinese Preschools.

Address: 105 Cecil Street, #04-01/04, The Octagon, Singapore 069534

Contact: 8821 2198

Email: [email protected]

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What Parents Are Saying about This Preschool in the CBD:

“Mika joined MindChamps Chinese PreSchool when we relocated to Singapore from overseas. She was studying in an international school prior to that. The transition was not easy for Mika until we found MindChamps! Mika’s health began to improve tremendously since joining MindChamps Chinese PreSchool, much to our relief. She mentioned to us that the teaching in MindChamps is very interesting and told us that the teachers always talk to her nicely even when she made mistakes. It’s such a great joy seeing her enjoy going to school again!”

– Tobita Nishika, mother of Tobita Mika

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Written by JoBeth Williams


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